B&G Suspension SS-04.200 | B&G RS1 Coilovers for Acura Integra; 1992-1995

  • Volkswagen Jetta B&G Suspension Coil-Over Kit
  • Volkswagen Jetta B&G Suspension Coil-Over Kit
  • B&G Suspension SS-04.200 | B&G RS1 Coilovers for Acura Integra; 1992-1995

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Product Description

B&G Suspension SS-04.200 - B&G RS1 Coilovers for Acura Integra; 1992-1995.

B&G RS1 Coilovers – Acura Integra (1992-1995) ***Please allow 10-14 business days for shipping from Europe***

B&G Suspension RS1 coilover system offers high quality dampers at an entry level price. RS1 dampers are user friendly, quality made coilover. RS1 coilovers offer ride height adjustment from 0.75 inch to 3 inches (depending on application) via spring seat allowing you to dial in the optimal ride height.

B&G Suspension RS1 coilovers give drivers increased stability and grip while maintaining good ride quality. Each application is tested to ensure the best balance between comfort and performance.


  • Adjusts height from 1.6 – 3 inches front and 1.6 – 2.75 inches rear
  • Monotube gas charge dampers
  • High strength anodized aluminum alloy and powder coated steel components
  • Full length height adjustment via spring seat
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Summary

B&G Suspension SS-04.200 | B&G RS1 Coilovers for Acura Integra; 1992-1995 Details and Purchase Information.
B&G Suspension
Manufactured by: B&G Suspension
Model: SS-04.200
Product ID: 861085
Price: $789.00
Condition: New

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B&G Suspension SS-04.200 Coil-Over Kit Review(s)

About B&G Suspension

History and information about B&G Suspension and their products.

B&G Suspension lowering kits is a global company dedicated to the goal of creating inimitable quality and technologically advanced lines of aftermarket performance suspension products including camaro suspension parts, or other vehicles as well. To this aim B&G suspension lowering kits assure that their full complement of lowering springs and coil over components are designed, developed and manufactured with the best possible technical knowledge and incomparable quality so that you, the consumer, will become a satisfied customer. Everything is taken into consideration at B&G down to the smallest detail, starting with grade of material being used and continuing throughout the manufacturing process down to the field and duration testing.

Now that we have told you about this impressive company you are probably wondering what kind of aftermarket suspension lowering kits for improvement you want. Let us try to help you there with a little information so that the decision might be a little easier. One of the things to consider is whether you should get coil overs or lowering springs and knowing the difference between the two will be helpful if you don’t know that already. Lowering springs do just what they imply, lower your car but they do not offer you any adjustments and are bought based on the amount of drop you desire. They can be used with your factory shocks and they have the advantage of making the overall improvement cheaper but you need to be sure that the brand of shocks you have are a good match for the springs or you may not be happy with your car’s performance. A coil over on the other hand is a coil spring that fits over a shock and they come in various shapes and sizes; such as, sleeve type coil overs that are one step lowering springs, non- shock adjustable coil overs, shock adjustable coil overs, and Shock Adjustable Coil overs with Camber Kit. Check out more great high performance BMR Suspension Products here.

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