Tanabe TNF074 | Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001

  • Acura TL Tanabe Spring
  • Acura TL Tanabe Spring
  • Tanabe TNF074 |  Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001
    Tanabe TNF074 |  Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001 Alternate Image 1
    Tanabe TNF074 |  Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001 Alternate Image 2

    Tanabe Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001

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Product Description

Tanabe TNF074 - Tanabe Acura TL Sustec NF210 Lowering Springs 1.3 / 0.5; 1999-2001.

Spring Specifications:
Springs Lowering F/R: 1.3 / 0.5 (Inches)
Spring Rate F/R: 5.0 / 2.5 (kg/mm)

Tanabe SUSTEC NF210 coil springs are geared towards a tastefull drop and ultimate comfort. Drops of up to 1.5 inch are available and spring rates are no more then 5% over stock. The stance of the NF210 gives an elegant pose, while maintaining factory ride quality settings. These springs are extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles as well as larger vehicles that want to reduce fender gap.

All of our coil springs feature SUSTEC 210 Technology. SUSTEC 210 TEchnology is a series of manufacturing methods developed to create a stronger, thinner, and lighter spring using only high tensile steel, without adding additional elements that could affect quality, durability, or price.

210 Stands for 2100n/m of tensile strength, which is the highest strength ever acheieved in a coil spring and used in Tanabes Shiga factory in Japan.

Tanabe Springs are known by various race teams in Japan for their impressive performance on the circuit. In the JGTC GT500 class, our springs were used in the Takata Dome Racing Honda NSX. Tanabe Springs are some of the strongest springs available for automotive use (2100n/m) and are created using some of the most advanced methods and machinery in the world. We are one of the only manufacturers who have obtained the world quality manufacturing certification ISO9001.

Notes: Spring Rate (kg/mm) / Down Data (inches) *Lowering data may differ slightly with each application

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Tanabe TNF074 Spring Review(s)

About Tanabe

History and information about Tanabe and their products.

TANABE: Made in Japan, made in Tanabe. Considerable effort goes into the research and development of our race derived products. Tanabe takes great measures during R&D, pre-production, production, and post production to ensure that each individual product we produce is of the highest quality in the industry. Everything is produced in-house under strict quality control at the Tanabe factory in Shiga, Japan. Our factory and production methods are ISO9001 (International Standard Organization) and JISQ9001 certified since the beginning of the millennium taking the standards of automotive performance to new heights. By never compromising on quality, performance potential is unlimited. Their product lines include Sustec suspension systems, Tanabe coilovers, lowering springs, and Tanabe Medalion exhaust systems.

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5 Stars For Infiniti Q50 2.0T, Date: 9/28/2017

By: Ps
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
LMP stock the cheapest tanabe exhaust in the whole US. Fast shipping as well. Good job LMP. I would highly recommended them for good and happy buying experiences. If you are driving the 2 liter version, I don''t recommend this exhaust, the turbo lag is horrendous.

Current Mods:
Axle back tanabe medallion touring exhaust K&N drop in filter

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LMPerformance is now my goto site to search for high performance auto products because they have the best competitive online price offers and fast service.

Current Mods:
Very happy with Tanabe products, used on my 2009 Infiniti G37S Sedan. I have the Tanabe Medalion Axle Back Muffler and just added the Tanabe Y-Pipe. Also have Swift Lowering Springs, Cusco Strut Cross Brace, Tanabe Front Lateral Brace and GSpec Rear Axle Brace and K&N Typhoon CAI. Front hood is VIS Carbon Fiber Racing Vented Hood. Very happy with all modifications, no regrets.

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