J&M Products 22605 | Firebird Brake Conversion Bracket Firebird - J&M Products; 1993-2002

  • Pontiac Firebird J&M Products Brake Kit
  • Pontiac Firebird J&M Products Brake Kit
  • J&M Products 22605 | Firebird Brake Conversion Bracket Firebird - J&M Products; 1993-2002

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Product Description

J&M Products 22605 - Firebird Brake Conversion Bracket Firebird - J&M Products; 1993-2002.

Camaro / Firebird C5 C6 Brake Conversion Bracket Billet formerly known as Bob Bishop's Brake Brackets and now known as F-Body TrackBrackets, these brackets adapt the complete Corvette which includes C5, C5 Z06, C6, C6 Z51, or C6 Z06 front brake system to any 1993-2002 GM F-Body. .Camaro / Firebird C5 C6 Brake Conversion Bracket Billet these brackets are CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum in a T6511 temper/post treatment and are then hard anodized. The kit includes the left and right hand adaptor brackets, all necessary non-factory mounting hardware, and complete step by step installation instructions and a list of necessary tools.

The brackets went through destructive testing with an independent laboratory to determine real world strength. The brackets sustained a load of 22,900 lbs. on a brake dyno and still did not fail. That is the weight of more than 6 complete F-Body automobiles on one bracket. Most competing brackets are .375? thick (some are even thinner), whereas our bracket is .600? thick. Each bracket weighs only two pounds.
Camaro / Firebird C5 C6 Brake Conversion Bracket Billet Features Unique To These Brackets:

  • Material was selected with the engineering advice of one of the leading Kaiser Aluminum metallurgist and a couple aerospace engineers. 6061-T6511 was selected due to its ability to NOT loose its strength during heat cycles like 2024 or 7075 grade aluminum.
  • Load Fixture Tested to an actual load 22,900 lbs. Actual maximum calculated brake force on a full weight car with race tires and max deceleration is about 3,800 lbs. This gives a 6 times safety margin from maximum possible load.
  • Hard Anodized for a quality finish which penetrates into the aluminum for better corrosion and scratch resistance. We did not powder coat due to the heat generated by the powder coat process which weakens aluminum especially the higher strength aluminum such as 2024 and 7075. The other problem with powder coat on this application is the bolts will break the surface of the powder coat and allow moisture to corrode the aluminum; hard anodizing will not allow that to happen.
  • Critical hardware is grade 12.9 perma plated with UNJ rolled threads not standard UNF threads for a stronger bolt compared to other designs
  • Properly machined to reduce or eliminate the brake pad taper commonly found in other brackets.
  • Not one size fits all but a left and right hand bracket to give extra strength and stability in the required areas.
  • Generous CNC machined radius's and edge breaks to eliminate any and all stress risers

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