J&M Products 22517 | Mustang GT Brake Hose Kit Front Ford Mustang Stainless Steel Charcoal - J&M Products; 1999-2004

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  • Ford Mustang J&M Products Brake Line
  • J&M Products 22517 | Mustang GT Brake Hose Kit Front Ford Mustang Stainless Steel Charcoal - J&M Products; 1999-2004

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Product Description

J&M Products 22517 - Mustang GT Brake Hose Kit Front Ford Mustang Stainless Steel Charcoal - J&M Products; 1999-2004.

Mustang GT Brake Hose Kit Front 99-04 Ford Mustang Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit Mustang GT, Mach1, Bullet and Cobra. J&M Products direct fit D.O.T. certified PTFE lined brake hoses. These brake hose assemblies use true OEM style direct replacement non-universal fittings to achieve proper factory hose routing and fitment.

Expansion of stock rubber hoses causes a spongy brake pedal feel and loss of initial braking force. Installation of our PTFE-lined stainless steel hose assemblies will give your car a firmer pedal, quicker braking response, and easier brake modulation. Every hose is tested to 3000 psi to guarantee a leak free hose assembly. Best of all these are made by J&M Products right here in the USA.
Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit Mustang GT Fits: 1999-2004 Mustang GT, Mach 1, Cobra, and Bullet Front Hose Kit Benefits:

  • Suitable for all applications including extreme racing.
  • Charcoal PVC Protective coating
  • Exceeds the latest DOT standards backed up by independent laboratory reports.
  • Direct OEM Fit each fitting is of OE design so NO adaptors are necessary.
  • Trivalent zinc plating exceeds DOT salt spray test.
  • Design allows high temperature operation and longer life.
  • Every hose is pressure tested to 3000 psi. (207 Bar)
  • Quicker brake response.
  • Better brake modulation.
  • Every hose is stamped with U.S. DOT registered number.
  • Outer protective covering.

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Product Summary

J&M Products 22517 | Mustang GT Brake Hose Kit Front Ford Mustang Stainless Steel Charcoal - J&M Products; 1999-2004 Details and Purchase Information.
J&M Products
Manufactured by: J&M Products
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J&M is a California-based company that has concentrated their efforts in manufacturing for the Camaro and Mustang. J&M suspension innovation is evident in the release of their entirely redesigned camber and caster plates for the 2005-2010 Mustang which affords increased camber adjustment compared to other brands and a unique design which allows you to install it for either street use or racing. If you find that your tires on your Mustang are wearing unevenly, or if you have lowered your Mustang, then you should consider installing the J&M caster camber plates. The benefits are multiple: correcting your suspension geometry after lowering it, less tire wear, adjustability, improved steering, and improved alignment. Caster camber plates may not increase your Mustang’s power, but they will enhance your Mustang’s suspension performance.

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