Pedders 5409 | PONTIAC GTO Front Radius Rod only; 2004-2006

  • Pontiac GTO Pedders Bushing
  • Pontiac GTO Pedders Bushing
  • Pedders 5409 |  PONTIAC GTO Front Radius Rod only; 2004-2006

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Product Description

Pedders 5409 - Pedders PONTIAC GTO Front Radius Rod only; 2004-2006.

Heavy duty replacement radius rod

Do you suffer from excessive tyre wear? Pedders IRS camber/toe adjuster kit eradicates this problem by offering toe adjustment.

This kit is used for fine tuning toe adjustment, but also changes camber settings. This kit must NOT be used on vehicles with a O.E Rear Toe Adjusting Arm. For fixed camber correction/added camber change, please refer to part number 5803.

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Product Summary

Pedders 5409 | PONTIAC GTO Front Radius Rod only; 2004-2006 Details and Purchase Information.
Manufactured by: Pedders
Model: 5409
Product ID: 859308
Price: $62.96
Condition: New

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Pedders has played a prominent role in the Australian automotive aftermarket industry 1950. In the summer of 2006 Pedders USA became a reality by selling specialised parts to automotive wholesalers and specialist workshops throughout the U.S. By 2010 Pedders USA had established industry partnerships with GM, Lingenfelter, Richard Petty and Saleen. Pedders has been featured on TV with West Coast Customs and in magazines such as Supercar builder. For each new chassis Pedders USA develops an integrated and engineered suspension solution. There is no fixed formula. Its not an exact science. Our people identify the weaknesses in the OE suspension and develop Pedders components to correct them. We think like OE engineers, but without interference from sales, marketing and finance. We manufacture our parts, including Pedders coilovers and springs, to suit the automotive enthusiast and offer a comprehensive range of suspension components for most of the vehicles on the world's roads today, from AMC to Wolseley, with just about everything in between. We started in the USA with the fastest wide-body GTO on a road course. Next the fastest Chrysler 300C. Then Pedders USA's G8 and 5th Generation Camaro. When we moved to Ford, the results with the Saleen Mustang were the same. Our 'supercars' are developmental vehicles with purpose. We upgrade everything to make certain that we are testing at or above the levels of performance our customers will reach. We document every step of our development in enthusiast forums so they can benefit from our hard work. Ride quality is subjective. Our test cars serve as daily drivers. As we do our R & D work in AU and in the USA, the goal is to achieve a Pedders feel: the ideal balance between civility and performance handling. Pedders USA does not build parts for race cars. We make parts for the enthusiast driver that just happen to do extremely well on the race course. A fully Pedderised vehicle feels like a factory hot rod. It is quiet. It is comfortable. It handles. Shop our collection of Pedders springs, shocks, coilovers and more below.

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