Rogue Racing 441617-91-04-S | Raptor Renegade Front Bumper; 2017-2017

  • Ford Raptor Rogue Racing Front Bumber
  • Ford Raptor Rogue Racing Front Bumber
  • Rogue Racing 441617-91-04-S |  Raptor Renegade Front Bumper; 2017-2017
    Rogue Racing 441617-91-04-S |  Raptor Renegade Front Bumper; 2017-2017 Alternate Image 1

    Rogue Racing Raptor Renegade Front Bumper; 2017-2017

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Product Description

Rogue Racing 441617-91-04-S - Rogue Racing Raptor Renegade Front Bumper; 2017-2017.

The 2017+ Ford Raptor RENEGADE Front Bumper is the answer to any off-road enthusiast who wants maximum approach angle with unmatched styling. These bumpers feature mounts for either a 40" Radius LED Lighter or a 40" Straight LED Lighter tucked between the main tubes while taking advantage of its positioning for protection. This RENEGADE Front Bumper is designed to give the functions of a pre-runner bumper, while following the body lines. This sleek tubular bumper adds an aggressive off-road look to your truck and extends out to the ends of the fenders flares on each side. No other bumpers on the market offer a better approach angle while only sticking out a total of 3/4" from the front of the valence. The no skins look is perfect to show off all your suspension components and is sure to be an eye catcher.

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About Rogue Racing

History and information about Rogue Racing and their products.

Rogue Racing is a manufacturer of world class suspension systems, Raptor bumpers, and accessories for serious off-road enthusiasts and trucks. Their products are proudly made in America for such applications as The Ford Raptor, F-150, Chevy Silverado and Toyota Tundra and Rogue Racing's mission is to bring a higher standard of quality to the off-road industry, with innovative, 100% American made products since Rogue Racing's products are a combination of 20 years of race experience, handmade off-road design and the latest technology.

Rogue Racing Bumpers incorporate industry first 40 inch LED Rigid or Baja Light Bars into the bumper itself under the valance and front Bumpers are customizable with different Lighting Options for side lights as well as main lights. LED lights can be configured with RIGID, BAJA, or Rogues own LED lights and several other options available to Rogue Bumpers are skid plates, tow hook provisions, and mesh or dimpled grilles.

Rogue Racing Suspension kits are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house. Upper control arms such as the ones designed for use on the Ford Raptor are designed in the shape of a triangle which also happens to be the strongest geometric shape. Rogue Lower Control Arms featured in Stage 3 and 4 kits are engineered to be the highest strength most articulate arms on the market and the new Raptor Lower Control Arms eliminate the factory control arms binding issues. Other hi-end engineering and design qualities features styling and construction are derived from the aerospace industry and have been tested in off-road's most demanding environments. Optional components available for purchase with Rogue Suspension kits include King Shock Coil-Overs, King Shock Air Bump Stops and Rogue Slot Delete Kits.

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