• DeWitts 4239012M

    DeWitts Radiator and Fan Chevy TRI-V, V8 mount, DF, Manual, Single 16 Fan, Black Ice - 4239012M

    DeWitts 4239012M | Radiator and Fan Chevy TRI-V, V8 mount, DF, Manual, Single 16" Fan, Black Ice; 1955-1957

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Product Description

SKU: 4239012M

DeWitts 4239012M - DeWitts Radiator and Fan Chevy TRI-V, V8 mount, DF, Manual, Single 16" Fan, Black Ice; 1955-1957.

Includes 16” SPAL Fan

High Performance Two Row Aluminum Radiator for Small Block & Big Block Engines. 8 Cylinder Mount - to fit all factory V8 cars. This is for manual transmission cars with no cooler. Radiator is bare aluminum.

Finish: Black Ice coat. Durable Black coating the holds up great on aluminum and helps give the radiator an OE look. Our Black Ice option is a special two part epoxy paint. It is applied in a spray and adheres to the aluminum and will not ever flake or peel off. It is a semi-gloss finish that will give the radiator the look of an original copper/brass unit. The total thickness of the dried product is only .002” thick and it will not affect the cooling performance whatsoever.

Core Design: Dual Row 1 inch Tubes

Cooler Option: Manual Trans

Port: TM/BR

DeWitt Radiator's DIRECT FIT aluminum radiators are designed to install into the stock mounting and use the factory connections without any modifications or adapters. The term DIRECT FIT gets thrown around a lot today. Many companies offer replacement radiators and most of them require some alterations, even when they claim they fit. Each DIRECT FIT radiator starts with a USA made core, furnace brazed in our own furnace. Our cores feature two rows of cooling tubes, serpentine fin and they are epoxy free. Press formed end tanks are manually tig welded by expert craftsmen, providing the ultimate in strength and appearance. Many companies build Corvette radiators, only one specializes in it. Quality Made in the USA!

DeWitts Warranty Policy

Our radiators have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If you ever have a problem, you will need to ship the radiator to us at your expense and we will test and fix it if we can. If the leak is not a manufacturing defect but from old age, wear, and tear you will need to purchase a new one. In most cases we can fix the radiator and send it back at no cost.

About DeWitts

History and information about DeWitts and their products.

Have you had the experience of steam pouring out of your car or maybe seen this happen to someone along the highway? Well you guessed it, a faulty radiator is the culprit and the team at DeWitts is here to make sure this never happens to your car. They realize that the radiator is an integral part of any car’s coolant system and this is especially true of a performance car that functions at top speeds. The friction that results from your car’s cacophony of moving parts is the miscreant in this case because friction results in excess heat energy. Lucky for you, this can all be avoided with a radiator from a reputable manufacturer and DeWitts fits the bill when it comes to a quality, dependable radiator.

Those owners who operate their cars at higher horsepower don’t have to worry because DeWitts understands heat load and they have test results on each radiator’s heat rejection and have published that rating comparing it to the factory unity. In the majority of cases DeWitts double row radiators are a 30% increase in heat rejection and that is no small gain and if you supplement this with an electric fan you can boost that number an additional 10%..You don’t have to worry about fit when it comes to a DeWitts radiator since they hold the official U. S. trademark for the term Direct Fit and this assures you that each and every DeWitts aluminum radiator is designed to specifically fit the listed application without the need for any modifications to your vehicle. As a bonus if you have a car that was manufactured after 1983 you will find that the DeWitts radiator are manufactured as double row radiators and consequently can hold one additional gallon of fluid over your factory installed radiator.

For those car aficionados who want even more cooling capability because of the demands of their particular driving situation the DeWitts radiators are available with 1.25 inch pipes providing approximately 10% additional cooling capability but remember a double row core, already on the radiator, is equal to a five row copper unit and is almost double the heat rejection of a single row aluminum unit. So you may find the 1.25 inch tubes totally unnecessary. An important thing to consider when choosing any product is where and how it is manufactured and you won’t go wrong with DeWitts because the aluminum radiators are made in the USA in Michigan where they can oversee 100% of the manufacturing process. They thought of quality of product first when they chose a CAB brazing furnace allowing them to produce a primo aluminum core second to none. Having fifteen years of experience building Direct Fit radiators beginning with Corvette radiators gives them a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product design and manufacturing. Give your high performance vehicle the cooling it needs for your high performance driving with a DeWitts radiator and see what a difference a cool engine can mean.


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