• Competition Clutch 4S-8037-C

    Competition Clutch 184MM Rigid Super Single Clutch Kit, Honda Civic SI 2.0L 5spd and 6spd K20 - 4S-8037-C

    Competition Clutch 4S-8037-C | 184MM Rigid Super Single Clutch Kit, Honda Civic SI 2.0L 5spd and 6spd (K20); 2002-2008

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Product Description

SKU: 4S-8037-C

Competition Clutch 4S-8037-C - Competition Clutch 184MM Rigid Super Single Clutch Kit, Honda Civic SI 2.0L 5spd and 6spd K20; 2002-2008.

The Super Single from Competition Clutch, was developed for cars not quite ready for a twin but needing something more than the conventional Stage 4 Kit. The Super Single mirrors a twin disc in the fact that they both are a 7.25 set up and include a 4140 forged steel flywheel. Unlike the twin, the super single only uses one disc and tips the scales around 17-20 lbs depending on the application. Super single is designed for road race use only. Not recommended for drag racing. The Super Single is a must-have piece for all-motor/nitrous cars running up to 350whp. (Currently available for select applications)

Kit Weight: 17 Pounds

* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Competition Clutch Super Single is designed around being a clutch in a road-course/time attack driven vehicle that isn't on the road. When driven on the streets continuously the heat will soak through the disc from the pressure plate and essentially start to do this welding of the disc to the flywheel or just pieces of the disc will chunk away and weld to the flywheel.

IMAGES: Images may be a representation and may not reflect the actual product.

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Competition Clutch Warranty Policy

Competition Clutch Inc. (CCI) warrants covered items to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the Retail purchase from an Authorized Dealer. CCI’s liability is limited to repairing, replacing or applying credit to customer for other CCI products. Credit will never exceed the invoice total of original sale of product. Under no circumstances will CCI be liable for labor, transport and/or storage of vehicle nor shall CCI be liable for damages or injury to any person due to the misuse or improper installation of its products subject to this warranty.

Competition Clutch deals only through their chain of distribution for all warranties and returns. Please contact the dealer you purchased the product from before contacting CCI directly with proof of purchase. If new parts are required by the customer before original parts are returned to CCI the customer is responsible for purchasing the new parts.

What is covered by this warranty?

- Conventional Clutch and Flywheel Assemblies

Competition Clutch reserves the right to inspect any and all parts returned for warranty to determine the reason for failure. In order to obtain warranty consideration, the entire clutch assembly, including; the pressure plate, the clutch disc, the release bearing, the pilot bearing/bushing if applicable, along with proof of flywheel resurfacing or flywheel replacement, must be returned for inspection. Without all parts and supporting documentation returned to CCI there will be no consideration for warranty Merchandise returned for inspection or repair must be sent prepaid, insured, properly packaged, and include the RGA form attached to the outside of the package. All freight charges (inbound and outbound) for returned products are the sole responsibility of the customer. All product returns require a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

About Competition Clutch

History and information about Competition Clutch and their products.

Competition Clutch offers the finest materials, workmanship, and best customer service in the industry. Competition Clutch flywheels and kits, including Competition Clutch Stage 3 kits offer higher clamping force, stronger disc designs, and uncompromised satisfaction, all at the most competitive pricing in the industry!

Competition Clutch Inc. (CCI) is one of the fastest growing performance clutch company in North America. CCI contributes this growth to its commitment in the innovation and quality of the products that we manufacture and supply, complimented by a sincere desire to provide unparalleled customer service and delivery. Competition Clutch specializes in manufacturing sport compact assemblies from street driven to full race applications. You will find our products being proudly used in some of the fastest sport compact race cars in the country, including a number of the most recognized industry icon vehicles.


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Competition Clutch Stage 2 - Steelback Brass Plus Rigid Clutch Kit, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2.0L EVO 8 - Including MR (4G63); 2003-2005
5 Stars Great for daily driving/m

By: Ethan
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
I've put around two thousand miles on the setup. I have a act lightweight flywheel and the combo is awesome for street. Have experienced 0 slippage. Pedal feels awesome.

Current Mods:
450hp 375trq e85 fp green turbo

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