FASS DFD-4000 | Duramax Factory Fuel Filter Delete Kit; 2001-2014

  • GMC Sierra HD FASS Fuel Filter
  • GMC Sierra HD FASS Fuel Filter
  • FASS DFD-4000 |  Duramax Factory Fuel Filter Delete Kit; 2001-2014
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    FASS Duramax Factory Fuel Filter Delete Kit; 2001-2014

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Product Description

FASS DFD-4000 - FASS Duramax Factory Fuel Filter Delete Kit; 2001-2014.

Once you’ve installed an aftermarket Fuel Filtration System such as our FASS Titanium Series, the use of the factory fuel filter is no longer required and can be removed. Because your Duramax factory fuel filter is located after our filtration system you will still need to replace the factory filter every 5,000-8,000 miles. This filter delete kit will replace your now useless fuel filter with a spin on canister that will allow fuel to flow freely into the engine, saving you even more money. This spin on Fuel Filter Delete Kit is a perfect addition to your FASS Titanium diesel fuel pump and comes with all required hardware for a professional installation.

Duramax Fuel Filter Delete Kit Features

  • Eliminates Your Factory Fuel Filter
  • Saves Money On Replacement Filters
  • Free Flowing
  • Fuel Pressure Port
  • No Modifications Required

FASS Fuel Systems Duramax Factory Fuel Filter Delete Canister (DFD-4000) Benefits

Delete OEM Filter
  • Eliminate Time and Costs associated w/changing the stock filter every 5-10K
  • Screws on in place of the stock filter
  • Allows fuel to flow unrestricted
  • Offers a gauge ports to monitor fuel pressure
  • Note: This item is only to be used with an aftermarket filtration systems. We suggest the use of our Titanium Series Lift Pumps.

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    FASS DFD-4000 Fuel Filter Review(s)

    About FASS

    History and information about FASS and their products.

    FASS Fuel System (Fuel Air Separation System) is a combination diesel FASS fuel pump and fuel filtration system that is designed to improve your diesel trucks fuel mileage, engine performance and extend the life of your diesel injection system.

    FASS fuel system manufactures from American made components that are then assembled and tested in house using the highest quality components. FASS Diesel systems fit most Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and GM Duramax Engines.

    With a FASS Fuel Pump or FASS fuel filters only the purest quality fuel is delivered to your diesel engine by removing dirt, water and air through a two step filtration process while switching the fuel delivery process from a suction delivery to a pressure delivery, eliminating the possibility of reintroducing air back into the fuel after it has already been removed. FASS Fuel Filters (diesel) have a rating as low as 3 Micron, which provides superior protection from debris in your diesel fuel and engine. If you're in the market for a Fass Duramax Fuel Filter Delete Kit, look no further!

    FASS Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation Systems

    Titanium Series diesel FASS fuel pumps are a compact design with a very powerful motor designed and manufactured to hold up to the most extreme conditions. The FASS Titanium Series pump utilizes a motor that is capable of flow rates up to 260 gallons per hour and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all light duty diesel applications.

    FASS Titanium Series Fuel Systems are beneficial for both modified and stock motors. An improved filtration process can help extend the life of your Bosch injection system, especially the injectors that are prone to failures.

    FASS Adjustable Fuel Pumps

    FASS produces the most versatile High Performance Fuel Pump (pump only) on the market (The FA Series). The FA Series allows the customer to tweak the fuel pressure to the engine on-the-fly, delivering unmatched versatility. Flow rates from 95 – 260gph and fuel pressure from 0 – 75psi!

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