Jet -61610 | Skip Shift Kit Firebird V8; 1993-2002

  • Pontiac Firebird Jet Skip-Shift Eliminator
  • Pontiac Firebird Jet Skip-Shift Eliminator
  • Jet -61610 | Skip Shift Kit Firebird V8; 1993-2002

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Product Description

Jet -61610 - Jet Skip Shift Kit Firebird V8; 1993-2002.

Jet's CAGS (Computer Aided Gear Selector) Skip Shift kit eliminates the annoying first to fourth gear skip shift in late model Corvettes and F-bodies. Installation is a simple plug-in and is OBDII compatible.

Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.

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About Jet

History and information about Jet and their products.

Staying in business for forty-seven years is no small feat in the aftermarket performance automobile industry, which takes dedication, perseverance and a desire to make the best products, from Jet mass air flow sensors to shift kits. JET PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS originally built engines and carburetors for drag racing and made a name for itself among the racing community. The company recognized the need for a perfectly tuned carburetor, and for the next seventeen years they focused on this problem, earning them a well-respected place in racing venues. The company changed ownership but did not change the philosophy that made it a successful company in the first place— prizing hard work, dedication and quality products. Times were changing and computer controlled fuel injection was the new thing in cars and tuning engines. The new owner, along with a friend who was an expert in electronics, took advantage of this new challenge by deciding to reverse engineer computer controlled vehicles to make them perform better. After extensive research and countless hours, JET PERFORMANCE was ready to put their newly designed performance chips on the market for General Motors cars and thus earned them a place as a leader in the annals of tuning technology. From its simple beginning, JET PERFORMANCE has grown into a company with a variety of products and they continue researching and developing new products to stay ahead in the marketplace and assure your car of top performance.

A perfect example of the ingenuity of the JET PERFORMANCE team is the Jet Chips Power Module that allows you to reset your Mustang’s computer to give it enhanced performance by modifying things like the air/fuel ratio, ignition advance, transmission and more. And for your Camaro, check out the JET MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR to improve not only horsepower but also torque and gas mileage resulting from the increase in air flow that the sensor provides. If you are experiencing skip shift when you go from first to fourth gear, see our Firebird, GTO and Camaro shift kits to help eliminate this problem with a simple plug-in part. Peruse the LM PERFORMANCE site for the part you need to increase your car’s performance and get it at a competitive price with free shipping.

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To be honest, I have no idea if the air sensor makes any difference or not. I would have to put the Camaro on a dyno before and after install. The Air sensor was easy to install and I bought it following recommendations to replace the factory air sensor for use in my Injen CAI.

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Injen CAI, JET Flo Air Sensor, Borla Cat-Back 'S-Type' exhaust, SLP High Wing Spoiler, SLP side gill decals, SLP Black out panel, SLP center mount and SS emblem for both front grill and trunk and finally a DiabloSport performance tuner.

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