BMR Suspension XTA001 | BMR Xtreme Duty torque arm kit w/universal Xbrace, Firebird V8 / V6; 1982-2002

  • Pontiac Firebird BMR Suspension Torque Arm
  • Pontiac Firebird BMR Suspension Torque Arm
  • BMR Suspension XTA001 | BMR Xtreme Duty torque arm kit w/universal Xbrace, Firebird V8 / V6; 1982-2002

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Product Description

BMR Suspension XTA001 - BMR Xtreme Duty torque arm kit w/universal Xbrace, Firebird V8 / V6; 1982-2002.

Intended for cars running ET's below 10.50's, this bulletproof torque arm will survive anything you can throw at it. Constructed entirely from TIG welded 1.25 x .095 4130 chrome moly tubing. Additional reinforcements include:

  • Gusseted rear mounting bracket
  • Solid 4130 Rod eyes instead of spherical rod-ends
  • Reinforced front bushing mount
  • Additional cross bracing

    Comes complete with weld-up driveshaft safety loop and an extra long 1-5/8 DOM cut to fit crossbrace that welds directly to your subframe connectors. If you are looking for a torque arm to stand up to that supercharged stroker motor, look no further - this is the arm for you!

    Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.

    Product Summary

    BMR Suspension XTA001 | BMR Xtreme Duty torque arm kit w/universal Xbrace, Firebird V8 / V6; 1982-2002 Details and Purchase Information.
    BMR Suspension
    Manufactured by: BMR Suspension
    Model: XTA001
    Product ID: 78092
    Price: $549.95
    Condition: New

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    About BMR Suspension

    History and information about BMR Suspension and their products.

    Do you need performance suspension kits: A-Arms, control arms, brake kits, bushings and end links, drive shafts, suspension kits and a host of other aftermarket parts? LMPerformance has the bestBMR Suspension Products for your aftermarket needs. BMR Suspension products are innovative in design, are of quality construction and are affordable.

    BMR Suspension products are proudly Made In USA and BMR uses American-made DOM and chrome-moly steel. BMR performance suspension kits manufacture its parts in house and fixture-welds every part to assure excellent quality. We cut, bend, notch, drill, and mill our tubular components from American-made DOM and chrome-moly steel. Every product is fixture-welded to maintain consistent quality. We bead-blast our parts and then powdercoat them on our own powdercoating line. Then we assemble and package the products in our assembly department. By manufacturing our products in house, BMR can control the quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. BMR Suspension products and performance suspension kits fit and work so well because they are street driven and track tested on BMR project vehicles.

    BMR performance suspension kits currently offers Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain products for over 16 different vehicles including but not limited to Chevy Camaro 1969-2016+, Pontiac G8 and Pontiac GTO, Chevy SS, Classic GM Muscle cars such as the Chevelle, GTO, A-Body, B-Body, G-body, and X-Body, Ford Mustangs 1979-2016+. They are the leading suspension manufacturer in many market segments.

    Let LMPerformance help you find the BMR suspension parts you need. Whether you are in the market for swaybars, a-arms, lower control arms, shock braces, subframe connectors, drive shaft loops, pan hard bars, torque arms, crossmembers, and more you will find a great price at

    You can trace the roots of BMR back to 1998 when they were far sighted enough to determine that suspension products that were innovative and affordable were lacking in the marketplace and they were clever enough to use this knowledge to develop the incomparable company they are today in their facility in Tampa, Florida. They leave no stone unturned in the development and production of their products to assure you are totally satisfied with what you purchase and they are able to do this because all of their suspension products go through rigorous testing by being street and track tested on BMR project vehicles. The multiplicity of project vehicles at their disposal contributes greatly to their success in this endeavor but even more impressive is the fact that nearly every BMR employee is a racer or hot rod aficionado with a love for racing and a desire to give you a quintessential product. Folks like this know just how critical the suspension products are on your car, whether it be for racing or street driving and they work diligently to give you the best in design and manufacturing and try to do this so that they can give you a part that is affordable, functional and long lasting. When you choose a suspension product from BMR you can feel confident in your decision because the product was created by people who know the product and know that it can function in a variety of situations because they have driven it where it counts-on the road.

    BMR Suspension Brand Review(s):

    Reviews for BMR Suspension's Other products are show below.

    BMR Shock tower brace, LT1 except SS models. All LS1 models Camaro V8; 1993-2002
    5 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

    By: Scott
    Ownership: more than 1 year
    Awesome product. Fit and finish are excellent. Product made such a difference in front end stiffness, I had to have the car realigned after I installed it

    Current Mods:
    too many to list

    BMR Front 35mm sway bar w/bushings, Camaro V8 / V6; 1993-2002
    5 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

    By: Scott
    Ownership: more than 1 year
    I upgraded to these sway bars when I completely rebuilt the suspension, so I can't isolate how much difference they made. from long years and many cars though, I know they did! Manufacturing quality is first rate. Perfect fit

    Current Mods:
    too many to list

    BMR Rear 25mm sway bar w/bushings, Camaro V8 / V6; 1982-2002
    5 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

    By: Scott
    Ownership: more than 1 year
    I used these sway bars when I rebuilt the rear suspension. Manufacturing quality is excellent. fit and finish were perfect.

    Current Mods:
    too many to list

    BMR Non-Adjustable Bolt-in Torque arm, Camaro V8 / V6; 1985-2002
    5 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

    By: Scott
    Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
    Excellent product. Top notch manufacturing. Easy installation. You can feel the difference on hard acceleration

    Current Mods:
    too many to list

    BMR Transmission Conversion Crossmember TH350 / PG Camaro V8; 1984-1992
    5 Stars NHRA, Date: 10/29/2012

    By: burnout_5
    Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
    Hello! I just received my cross member in record time! THANK YOU for such fast and pain free service! I have been building an NHRA legal Stock Eliminator 92 Camaro for the past couple of years and the cross member puts me the closest to starting the motor for the first time! The driveshaft will be the last part I need. I wish I would have found your company years ago... Thanks Again!

    Current Mods:

    BMR tubular trailing arms General Motors W-Body; 1996-2006
    4 Stars Review B4 Receiving Product, Date: 5/18/2011

    By: From Miami
    Ownership: 0 - 1 day
    This was the last part that I ordered for my complete 01 Grand Prix GT suspension mod today. I have seen !!!!GREAT!!!! product reviews from online forums with the BMR TA's. I hope to follow up once I have them installed!!!

    Current Mods:
    Dorman Front Sway Bar, GMPP Rear Sway Bar, GMPP Front and Rear strut tower braces with Don's brackets, Energy suspension front bushings and endlinks, Energy Suspension rear bushings with Moog endlinks, BMR Trailing arms......All ordered. Not installed yet :)

    BMR Lower Control Arms w/ poly bushings Mustang V8; 2005-2011
    4 Stars Big Difference, Date: 2/11/2011

    By: LBK GT
    Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
    Good, strong product. Prefered over the J&M LCAs. Launches are firm and straight with no wheel hop. You can tell a difference in hard turn ins and even braking. I would give it a 5 rating but the instuctions need to be much clearer.

    Current Mods:
    BBK intake, SCT BAMA custome tuner, twin plate clutch, Pypes resonated X pipe, Roush axel back exhaust, FRPP lowering springs, shelby 20in rims, nitto nt555 extreme tires, FRPP 3.55 gear, FRPP strut tower brace and Roush shifter w/ black shift ball.

    BMR Camaro Drive Shaft Tunnel Brace; 2010-2015
    4 Stars Good stuff!!!, Date: 2/1/2011

    By: SkunkJunk420
    Ownership: 0 - 1 day
    Its a good product for the price i guess. You get what you pay for. $90 for on small piece of metal is kinda expensive, but if you want to run with the big dogs, then u gata spend the extra cash.

    Current Mods:
    Intake, exhaust, and chasis stiffeners with tunnle brace :)

    BMR Shock tower brace, V6 all. SS model only Camaro; 1993-2002
    5 Stars STRUT TOWER BAR, Date: 4/2/2010

    By: Nique3232
    Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
    Very great upgrade you can definitely tell the difference when you take the corners hard. I have a ton of mods left for my 94 Camaro to include upper and lower control arm upgrades, front shocks KYB AGX of course, and maybe a lower kit. But the strut tower is a nice bolt on that is extremely easy to install, only trouble came with the location of the a/c line but easily movable.

    Current Mods:
    Cold Air Intake, 10 Bolt Rear End Upgrade, Accel Opti Spark Coils, Pace Setter Headers, Flowmaster Exhaust, KYB AGX rear shocks, 4l60E Transmission with Corvette Shift kit, Strut Tower Bar, 160 degree thermostat, Magna-Flow hi flow catalytic converter.

    BMR tubular trailing arms General Motors W-Body; 1996-2006
    5 Stars Great Quality!!, Date: 3/4/2010

    By: GTP
    Ownership: 1 week - 1 month
    LMPerformance wasted no time getting my order shipped out. The trailing arms arrived and are far superior to the factory ones. Much thicker and stronger with polyurethane bushings and grease zerks at both ends. You will not be disappointed if you order these!

    Current Mods:
    GMPP sway bars, BMR trailing arms and Vogtland springs

    BMR Mustang Lowering Package V8; 2005-2010
    4 Stars BMR package, Date: 7/30/2008

    By: Anonymous
    Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
    I installed this along with the Tokico adjustable dampers and the look is great. However, after 6 months the upper strut mounts failed. I have heard this is common with lowered S197s, but the $300 for the Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts is a little pricey. If there is a package out there that is as affordable and leaves the factory upper strut mounts intact, I would get it instead.

    Current Mods:
    Tokico adjustable dampers, BMR lowering package, Steeda competition front fascia, Steeda axle back exhaust, Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts, K+N aircharger, FRPP GT500 rear spoiler

    BMR GTO Subframe Connectors; 2004-2006
    4 Stars GTO Subframe Connectors, Date: 7/3/2008

    By: cybernco
    Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
    I installed a 900 HP aluminum driveshaft the same day as the Sub-frame connectors. The frame is much stiffer now. Wheel hop has completely vanished. The car cries out for drag radials!!!

    Current Mods:
    2005 GTO, 6-Speed, 416 L92 block & heads, L76 intake, 236/248 .601"/.615" 112 LSA, 3.91 rear, Pedders Strip II suspension, BMR Strut Tower Brace. 480RWHP / 468 RWTQ NA - All Engine / No Power Adders

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