Couture 109169 | Hummer H2 Couture Vortex Wide Body Front Bumper 1-Piece; 2003-2009

  • Hummer H2 Couture Front Bumber
  • Hummer H2 Couture Front Bumber
  • Couture 109169 | Hummer H2 Couture Vortex Wide Body Front Bumper 1-Piece; 2003-2009

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Product Description

Couture 109169 - Hummer H2 Couture Vortex Wide Body Front Bumper 1-Piece; 2003-2009.

Delivery, Installation, Return, Quality, Warranty and Damage Instructions:

Polyurethane: Couture makes high quality polyurethane aerodynamics attainable. Each product is skillfully designed and manufactured to exact specifications. Through Couture’s exclusive use of polyurethane composites, extreme durability and long product life are realized. Couture aerodynamics are recommended for the serious enthusiast who want OEM specifications for quality, fitment, and durability.

  • OEM Fitment
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Black Mesh Grille (where applicable)
  • General Instruction Guide
  • Hardware Kit

Item Weight: 15 Pounds

Please note that if Fog Lights, Driving Lights, Turn Signals, LED lights and Headlights are pictured they may or may not be inlcuded. If they are included the part list above in the description will specify.

IMPORTANT DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: If parts arrive damaged or missing, please do not refuse the delivery. Please accept the delivery, sign "DAMAGED" or "PARTS MISSING" and email us pictures of the damage or what parts were received so we can promptly address the damage or mising parts claim. If the parts are refused and not damaged or missing, the customer will be responsible for shipping. If the driver refuses to let you inspect the delivery please accept the package and sign "DRIVER DID NOT LET ME INSPECT PARTS".

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About Couture

History and information about Couture and their products.

Couture auto provides unmatched strength and service life through the use of high quality polyurethane. Catering to some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles. The Couture body kits and all other products are skillfully designed and crafted resulting in a high quality creation which includes installation guide, hardware kit, mesh grille, and an authenticity card. Couture aerodynamics is recommended for the serious enthusiast that wants OEM specification for quality, fitment, and durability.

COUTURE body kits and parts, offered by the imminent and respected EXTREME DIMENSIONS, caters to people like you who feel a polyurethane body kit or part is the right material for their aftermarket aerodynamic upgrade and they make this available to you in a mélange of body parts and kits so that you can do everything at once or a little at the time. With a name like EXTREME DIMENSIONS in play you can be assured that the body kit or part you choose will be outstanding in every way and will be backed up by a company that has been in business for fifteen years and who has seen tremendous growth because of the excellence in product and service . The injected-molded type of polyurethane utilized in the production of the COUTURE body parts provides the flexibility needed to shape the parts so that they are a precise fit for that showroom look and they will have the added advantage of being lighter than your original body parts, an important aspect in performance, especially on the track and when it comes to saving on today’s high cost of gas. When you are considering whether to use polyurethane as your material of choice for your body part consider the fact that it is very durable and when properly prepared the way the COUTURE body parts are should be as durable as a factory installed part. The quality of products from COUTURE are made with utmost care to avoid casting imperfections and pinholes that compromise the look you want for your car and the flexibility of something like a bumper can sometimes escape damage on slight impacts. Because of the flexibility inherent in the polyurethane body parts you can be assured of an installation process that you can handle with little trouble and that is forgiving and your polyurethane body part is an easy product to clean so that you can keep your ride looking great with a minimum of effort. Check out the full body kits from COUTURE on the LMPERFORMANCE web site for everything from an Acura to a Volkswagen and find the body kit you have been searching for, kits like the 16 piece kit for your 2007-2008 Audi. And if you are not ready for a full body kit peruse the individual body parts; such as, spoilers, skirts, bumpers, fender flares, rocker panels and lots of others that will get you on the road to a more aerodynamic look and better performing car.

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