Koni 90-5446 | Hummer H3 RAID (Red) Shock; Rear; 2006-2009

  • Hummer H3 Koni Shocks and Strut
  • Hummer H3 Koni Shocks and Strut
  • Koni 90-5446 |  Hummer H3 RAID (Red) Shock; Rear; 2006-2009

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Product Description

Koni 90-5446 - Koni Hummer H3 RAID Red Shock; Rear; 2006-2009.

Koni 90-5446 Model Fitment Application: Hummer H3; Rear

KONI offroad shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non sophisticated but effective product to do the jobs it's designed for; to finish in offroad rally raids. If you own a light truck or SUV, Raid has the performance you need


  • Twin-tube technology
  • Double dynamic protection
  • KONl Special technology, up-sized
  • Improved ride/handling
  • Rebound-adjustable off-the-vehicle
  • Solid, robust attachments welded all around (360°)
  • New heat-resistant sealing technology for increased longevity
  • Large diameter to help with heat dissipation
  • Lifetime warranty

Additional Vehicle Application Information:

  • All: H3
  • STR.T- Street (Orange): Raid (red)
  • 8250 1030: 90 5446
  • Front: Rear
  • non: Comp

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About Koni

History and information about Koni and their products.

KONI makes a broad range of product lines to deliver upgraded performance in handling and ride quality to cars and trucks driven on paved roads. Below is a list of the many world-class KONI products and features, including Koni sport shocks and suspension kits, so you can make the right choice for your vehicle. We also have Bilstein Sport Shocks here for another reputable company providing quality performance parts.

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