Koni 82-1983SP6 | Ferrari 308 Special D (Red) Shock; Rear; 1975-1985

  • Ferrari 308 Koni Shocks and Strut
  • Ferrari 308 Koni Shocks and Strut
  • Koni 82-1983SP6 |  Ferrari 308 Special D (Red) Shock; Rear; 1975-1985

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Product Description

Koni 82-1983SP6 - Koni Ferrari 308 Special D Red Shock; Rear; 1975-1985.

Koni 82-1983SP6 Model Fitment Application: Ferrari GTB, GTS; Rear

The Koni Special Series, or original damper, is designed for the driver who wants to improve their cars handling and safety. Improved road holding with a higher level of safety, available for almost every car on the road today, each shock absorber is custom designed and manufactured for the individual model.

Like our Sport range, dampers in the Special range are of course adjustable, only these need to be removed from the vehicle first. The rebound forces can be adjusted by compressing and twisting the piston rod. Click on adjustment to see full adjustment procedure.


  • Broad applications
  • Rebound adjustable off-the-vehicle
  • Red finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All Koni Shocks are sold 'per shock' a complete set requires four shocks

Additional Vehicle Application Information:

  • All: "gtb, Gts"
  • STR.T- Street (Orange): Special D (red)
  • 8250 1030: 82 1983sp6
  • Front: Rear
  • non: Not

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History and information about Koni and their products.

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