Edelbrock 5276 | Rear Lower Control Arm Mustang V8; 2005-2011

  • Ford Mustang Edelbrock Lower Control Arms R
  • Ford Mustang Edelbrock Lower Control Arms R

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Edelbrock 5276 - Edelbrock Rear Lower Control Arm Mustang V8; 2005-2011.

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About Edelbrock

History and information about Edelbrock and their products.

If you need a throttle body, lower or upper control arm, panhard rod or shock tower brace for your Camaro, Firebird or Mustang you can't go wrong with one of the Edelbrock performer intake parts, or Edelbrock manifolds from LMPerformance.com. You will get a top quality product, carefully selected by the LMPerformance staff.

LMPerformance selected Edelbrock performer intake products, and Edelbrock manifolds for its customers because they know you can trust a company that has been in business since 1938 and has manufactured its core products in the USA with a guarantee of quality and performance. The quality of the Edelbrock throttle body can be seen in the larger than stock throttle bore that allows increased air volume and more power. In addition, the Edelbrock throttle body has sealed throttle shaft ball bearings to allow for safe, smooth operation. To assure top performance Edelbrock includes on most of its applications (check listings for applications on their web site) a brand new throttle position sensor (TPS) that is pre-installed and factory set with the same high-tech equipment used by Original Equipment manufacturers.

The EDELBROCK Company can trace its beginnings to a simple thing like the purchase of a 1932 Ford Roadster by its founder VIC EDELBROCK, SR whose purchase was the inspiration for the original EDELBROCK performer intake manifold, the “SLINGSHOT” and then ultimately the introduction of the EDELBROCK POWER AND SPEED EQUIPMENT catalog making the EDELBROCK manifold parts available to the public. The company continued to grow over the years and subsequently the company opened their own facility and began dyno testing on a small block Chevrolet engine which culminated in the production of the three carb Edelbrock intake manifold, the six-carb Ram Log manifold and the Cross Ram manifold and later the company went on to achieve even greater success with the C-4B manifold, the Tunnel Ram, Tarantula and STREETMASTER manifolds. From these humble beginnings has developed a company that now has six locations throughout the United States with facilities for Research and Development, Manufacturing, Primo Testing, Advertising and Technical Support and it is all the result of one man’s love for racing and his determination to make something better and not be content with the mundane-he wanted to win races after all. Following in this path of demanding excellence the EDELBROCK intake Company continues to discover and improve high performance products today for car enthusiasts like you with things like the EDELBROCK Rear Lower Control Arm for your Mustang 2005-11 V6 that was constructed to improve your Mustang’s ability to turn more easily and stabilize the rear suspension because they know that ordinary control arms installed when your car was built cannot accommodate the aggressive driving Mustang owners who race witness and they were determined to give you something better. Find these and other outstanding EDELBROCK performance parts on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and see how an aftermarket performance part by EDELBROCK can make a difference in your car’s handling.

Since 2001 the folks at LMPerformance.com have researched the best quality parts for your performance vehicle. This research led them to the decision to carry the Edelbrock throttle body, Edelbrock performer intake, Edelbrock manifold, lower and upper control arm, panhard rod and shock tower brace and to offer them to their customers at the best price. Looking for more great intake products? Check out this Trailblazer SS Cold Air Intake.

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