Sparks Restorations SR-STKGERSPW | & Up Chevy Camaro RS Stock Grille Emblem Polished w/White By Sparks USA; 2010-2013

  • Chevrolet Camaro Sparks Restorations Emblem
  • Chevrolet Camaro Sparks Restorations Emblem

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Product Description

Sparks Restorations SR-STKGERSPW - & Up Chevy Camaro RS Stock Grille Emblem Polished w/White By Sparks USA; 2010-2013.

The 3D milled design keeps the Emblem in perfect alignment with the contours of the Grille. Emblems are made from solid billet aluminium with extensions wrinkle powder coated for a seamless finish. Bolt on from the backside of the Grille for easy installation. Made in The USA!

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About Sparks Restorations

History and information about Sparks Restorations and their products.

Restoring the iconic Camaro can be a daunting task but one that can be very rewarding and you can certainly see the results of this hard work if you have been to a car show or even on the track where the love for the classic car is apparent. So now you have decided to take on the job and in spite of the challenge you feel you are up to the task and you have tackled all of the big tasks. The engine is rebuilt and you have added a new suspension and drive train so you feel good about all of the necessary and extremely important basics and you are working on the body. You have done all the necessary interior work, replacing seats and interior upholstery, gauges, steering wheel, door handles and a multiplicity of other small things. Now you are ready for the fun part, the exterior, and you have done all the bodywork and even added some new aerodynamic body parts and then given that great looking Camaro a new paint job. You take a look at it and something is just not right and it has just not come to you yet so you sit back a while and take a good look and then you realize – you need that iconic Camaro emblem. After all your hard work, you don’t want a cheap plastic bow tie. Well, Chevy Camaro emblems and badges are designed and manufactured by SPARKs and are sure to be eye catchers. And for those of you who have not really had to do much by way of restoration since your Camaro is in showroom shape, these custom Sparks SS emblems will surely make heads turn at the track, made of an impressive 6061-T6 aluminum and polished or powder coated or oftentimes both depending on your selection and we have a variety of these to choose from. To make the back look as great as the front, check out the Sparks Chevy Camaro trunk emblem available in many colors so you can get the look you want. Still don’t have the look you want in your Camaro, don’t worry, we know just what you are lacking and that is speaker rings from SPARKS to make the inside of your car look as good as the outside and these nonpareil rings are a cinch to install and are of course made from high quality aluminum. The little things can make a big difference when it comes to style and eye appeal and SPARKS knows that and they are certainly in a position to know it since they have restored some impressive Camaros themselves. Let us help you turn heads with Sparks SS emblems for your grille or trunk and speaker rings at a competitive price and free shipping.

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