Comp Cams 5441211 | GEN III/LS1/LS6 350 Xtreme RPM Cam 212/218; 2004-2006

  • Pontiac GTO Comp Cams Camshaft
  • Pontiac GTO Comp Cams Camshaft
  • Comp Cams 5441211 |  GEN III/LS1/LS6 350 Xtreme RPM Cam 212/218; 2004-2006

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Product Description

Comp Cams 5441211 - Comp Cams GEN III/LS1/LS6 350 Xtreme RPM Cam 212/218; 2004-2006.

Nice upgrade from stock, good torque, good daily driver cam. Very string midrange cam. 1200-6000 RPM.
Lift: .522/.529 Dur@.050: 212/218 LSA: 114

Product Summary

Comp Cams 5441211 | GEN III/LS1/LS6 350 Xtreme RPM Cam 212/218; 2004-2006 Details and Purchase Information.
Comp Cams
Manufactured by: Comp Cams
Model: 5441211
Product ID: 6349
Price: $379.95
Condition: New

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About Comp Cams

History and information about Comp Cams and their products.

LMPerformance offers a wide variety of parts from the COMP Cams performance group. COMP Cams camshaft ,the performance aftermarket leader in valve train technology, has been in business since 1976 and is a name you can trust. Because Competition Cams employs the automotive aftermarket industry's largest and most highly trained engineering staff, COMP Cams products are unsurpassed. COMP Cams camshaft doesn't rest on its laurels, Competition Cams invests in research and development programs always striving to offer the best product. COMP Cams camshaft employs the best engineering minds who are trained in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, metallurgy and other technical fields. As a result Competition Cams can design camshafts with more horsepower than any other on the market.

The Competition Cams line includes hydraulic and solid flat tappet cams, hydraulic and mechanical roller cams, and overhead cams.

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COMP Cams has grown from its early start thirty five years ago to become the COMP Performance Group with multiple companies and hundreds of employees but they have not lost their drive to be the best at what they do and their desire to give you the best in both performance and reliability. In order to achieve this goal they continually test all of their products on the street and on the strip so that they can see for themselves how each and every part performs so that they sell you the customer only the best in increased horsepower, reliability and gas mileage. In addition they know that research and development are an integral part of providing you with only the best and maintaining their outstanding position in the industry and for that reason they make the necessary investment in things like top-of-the-line computers, dynos, measuring equipment, materials, processes and testers and in discovering and adapting the newest technologies to the components they sell. After hiring the best engineering minds they give them the tools they need in both advanced testing and measuring equipment but then they must go even farther than finding answers based on the empirical aspects but must also consider e practical aspect of its use on the street and on the track. They are a dedicated team whose goal is the same as the company’s and that is to create the best product they can so that they can provide you with the best and you will assure their continued success.

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