Street Scene 95070749 | Retro Style Louvers Mustang (pair) V8; 2005-2009

  • Ford Mustang Street Scene Window Louver
  • Ford Mustang Street Scene Window Louver
  • Street Scene 95070749 | Retro Style Louvers Mustang (pair) V8; 2005-2009

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Product Description

Street Scene 95070749 - Street Scene Retro Style Louvers Mustang pair V8; 2005-2009.

Street Scene Retro Style Louvers 2005 Mustang

This part number is for our Generation 2 side window louvers for the 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT and V6 models. ( sold as pairs) These louvers attach to the quart window glass only (not the painted body).They are open so you can see through them from inside the vehicle. These louvers fit around the edge of the Mustang quater window and are approx 18 1/2 inches long, 9 1/2 inches wide at the front end of the louver and 4 inches wide at the back end of the louver. MADE FROM TOUGH FLEXABLE URETHANE. Street Scene offers the most complete line of Mustang Body Styling Components in the marketplace today. Many applications include more than one design or generation. All generations listed for your make and model year will fit your vehicle. It just depends on your taste and budget. At least one generation or style will be exactly what you are looking for to customize your vehicle!

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Awards like three SEMA best new product and features in magazines are not the only gauge of success and this is particularly true in an industry where there are newcomers on the forefront at record numbers but it can certainly be used as one gauge of success in the marketplace. Street Scene parts have won accolades from many car companies for excellence in design and has also received car and truck show awards. Street Scene has designed and manufactured a portfolio of over eighteen hundred parts. They are dedicated to making their styling components easy to install and want them to give your car the pizzazz you have been yearning for. If you are just ready to do a little bit then we can help with a classy looking new grill for your Chevy, Ford, GMC or Pontiac vehicle. LM Performance and Street Scene know if you want to race your Camaro you want to stop that high pressure, low speed from getting under your car and causing reduced traction and the Street Scene chin splitter will do just that. For you Dodge Charger owners who want aerodynamic improvement and aesthetics, Street Scene designed a rear spoiler just for you to help catch that air that is flowing over your vehicle and thus resulting in improved rear vehicle control. And if you are ready to go for the works then take a look at the urethane body kits for your Camaro in a variety of kit sizes to meet your needs, and if you want that retro look on your 2005-2009 Mustang check out the Retro Style Louvers and then finish the look off with a duck tail spoiler. And we didn’t forget about Ford Fusion aficionados; Street Scene have a body kit designed just for you that includes the front valence, rear valence, and side skirts, everything you need to get a head start on a new improved look and more aggressive performance. And to improve the downforce on your Mustang V6 2005-2009, Street Scene designed the Ground Effects Body Kit to keep your tires where they belong and give you increased handling and more power. Shop below for Street Scene body kits, grilles & spoilers.

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