RAM Clutches 80-2100 | RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit II GTO; 2004-2006

  • Pontiac GTO RAM Clutches Clutch Kit
  • Pontiac GTO RAM Clutches Clutch Kit
  • RAM Clutches 80-2100 | RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit II GTO; 2004-2006

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Product Description

RAM Clutches 80-2100 - RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit II GTO; 2004-2006.

Designed for high horsepower street performance where stock pedal feel is desired, the Force 10.5 dual disc incorporates a strap driven floater plate rather than stand driven in order to provide completely quiet operation. Racing type stand driven units like the original Street Dual are susceptible to some floater plate noise at idle. This dual disc features the same potential torque levels exceeding 950 ft./pounds for the 300 series disc version, 1300 ft/pounds for the 900 series version. As with the original Street Dual, the clutch system includes an easy pedal effort 2400 pound clamp load, and smooth engaging RAM 300 series friction discs. The flywheel is billet aluminum with a steel friction insert, and the unit is completely rebuildable. For applications that will see extended drag strip duties, RAM recommends the original stand driven Street Dual for maximum life and performance. This clutch system is available for all late model applications including GM LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, and Ford 4.6L and 5.4L vehicles.

Max Recommended HP 1200**

Street Dual clutches provide fantastic driveability in a package capable of holding well in excess of 1000 hpOver 1000 or more than 50/50 race, use 900 series disc option

**HORSEPOWER RATINGS: Many companies are using this 'rating' system on their clutches. We do not torque rate' our clutches, these suggested power levels are arrived at through use in real world applications.

GEARING: Rear gearing plays a critical role in clutch life. As a general rule, the lower the car is geared, the harder the clutch has to work to maintain holding power. This also drastically effects the driveabilityof the clutch system.

RAM Clutch Information: Click here for RAM Clutch Information

Product Summary

RAM Clutches 80-2100 | RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit II GTO; 2004-2006 Details and Purchase Information.
RAM Clutches
Manufactured by: RAM Clutches
Model: 80-2100
Product ID: 56903
Price: $1,355.00
Condition: New

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About RAM Clutches

History and information about RAM Clutches and their products.

For over 35 years, RAM has produced the world's top performing competition and street performance clutch systems. We have developed, improved, and produced in house, tried and true clutch components and systems that provide the highest performance value. Shop below for high quality RAM flywheels, clutch kits, and master or slave cylinders.

Today, every RAM product incorporates critical features that are absent from many of the products of those who choose to compete with us. What is absent in our program is the mythology, and hype masking the deficiencies of products produced by others.

You would be hard pressed to deny a company’s success if it had been in business since 1971 and was still profitable and had helped a multitude of racers be first at the finish line and then couple all that with the same family still owning it for all these years. Well we have just described RAM CLUTCHES whose owners are enthusiastic about their company and the racing community and who are particularly proud of the fact that they have helped multiple teams win at the national level in drag racing competitions. They are also proud of the fact that they can do everything in house in their facility in Columbia, South Carolina, where they have a state-of-the-art machinery and a first class research and development team and do everything from start to finish so that they can guarantee you a product that is superlative in quality. They have several firsts to their credit and this is certainly confirmation of their dedication to innovation and improvement of design and one of those, the three paddle drag racing clutch with metallic pads was a boon to the drag racing arena in its abolition of broken clutch hubs. RAM CLUTCHES was responsible for extending the life of the center clutch pate with its sui generis Poly Coil clutch hub spring and the list goes on particularly in the racing arena and has earned them a competitive place in the aftermarket performance clutch arena. The preference for RAM CLUTCHES in thirteen of the last fifteen IHRA Pro Stock races by champions every ADRL Pro Stock Champion, and many more should give you the confidence you need when it comes to choosing RAM for your new performance clutch. For you every day drivers who want a primo quality clutch with 800 foot pounds of torque and moderate clamp pressure take a look at the RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit FORCE 9.5 or for a little more try the RAM POWERGRIP HD Clutch Kit for street or performance vehicles and capable of holding well in excess of 1000 horse power. And for your iconic Camaro the RAM Street Dual Clutch Kit Force 10.5.that has increased clamp load pressure plates and a 900/300 series combination facing and is great for either the street or the strip. Check out these RAM clutch kits and other inimitable RAM products, including flywheels and slave/master cylinders on our website and start on the road to replacing your worn clutch or upgrading to a performance clutch for better driving today.

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