T-Rex 11523 | Ford Flex - T1 Series Hood Accents - Billet Chrome Plated - 2 Pc; 2009-2012

  • Ford Flex T-Rex Side Vent
  • Ford Flex T-Rex Side Vent
  • T-Rex 11523 |  Ford Flex - T1 Series Hood Accents - Billet Chrome Plated - 2 Pc; 2009-2012

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    • MPN: 11523
    • $427.07
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Product Description

T-Rex 11523 - T-Rex Ford Flex - T1 Series Hood Accents - Billet Chrome Plated - 2 Pc; 2009-2012.

T1 Series Hood Accents - Billet Chrome Plated - 2 Pc

T-Rex Specifications
  • Item: 09 Flex Hood Vent Chrm
  • Fitment: Ford Flex 2009-2012
  • Material: ALUMINUM
  • Finish: CHROME
  • Installation: TAPE
  • Series: T1
  • Type: SIDE VENT
  • Style: N/A

Product Summary

T-Rex 11523 | Ford Flex - T1 Series Hood Accents - Billet Chrome Plated - 2 Pc; 2009-2012 Details and Purchase Information.
Manufactured by: T-Rex
Model: 11523
Product ID: 563024
Price: $427.07
Condition: New

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About T-Rex

History and information about T-Rex and their products.

LMPerformance knows that if your grille fits right, it’ll look best, install easy, avoid excess modifications, and save you time. Add that to premium materials like aircraft-grade T-6 billet aluminum and 304 stainless steel, and a T-Rex Grille is the ultimate package for your vehicle. Very important to LMPerformance is the fact that T-Rex grilles are made in the USA, from start to finish. View all T-Rex mesh grilles, billet grilles, wiring harnesses & bowties below.

In T-Rex, LMPerformance found a company that understands that. With more than 10 years of experience, T-Rex shows it knows how to create superior products, from concept to installation. All of the grilles are made in the USA at the company's Southern California manufacturing facility. Our research shows the use of the highest quality and precise fit are ensured by superior materials, CAD engineered forming process, and computer precision laser cutting.

LMPerformance's line of T-Rex parts featuring chrome studs that border the frame, an X-Metal grille will give any vehicle a wholly new look. Engineered using computer aided design systems, these custom-made grilles are manufactured to precisely fit the contours of your vehicle. The grilles crafted from stainless steel are polished to the mirror-like shine, while those made of steel are generously powder coated to ensure that your grille will serve you for years to come. The highly polished X-Metal grille badge is installed into the mesh as carefully as each X-Metal branded stud is hand-installed into the frame.

LMPerformance believes T-Rex created its Upper Class series for those who want to add a touch of elegance and class to the vehicle along with a personal touch above that of your stock grill. When you look at an Upper Class grille, the first word that comes to your mind is opulence. This series is saturated with luxury and style that can't be reproduced by any other manufacturer. A masterfully crafted mesh core is embroidered by a classy wide frame. You can choose either a gleaming polished finish or impenetrable as midnight powder coating. To ensure the highest quality and exact fit, each grille is expertly designed, precisely laser cut, and hand-assembled. Featuring the most elegant design, an Upper Class grille can turn your vehicle into a personal symbol. No matter the style you’re looking to own, T-Rex has the precision-crafted bar grille or mesh grille for your ride.

Our team knows you are an auto aficionado who loves his car and knows that your car is raw material just waiting to be teased, changed and enhanced so that it becomes a reflection of the individual and unique personality you are. And people like yourself spend billions of dollars on aftermarket accessories to do just that but we don’t want you making any mistakes when it comes to selection of aesthetic improvements by buying products that are of less than primo quality. Not many things can stand out and make a statement like your cars grille so why not choose a grille from one of the world leaders when it comes to innovative aftermarket grilles, T-REX GRILLES and get a grille with a sui generis design that will be perfect for the unique individual you are. The potpourri of grilles from T-REX GRILLES means that you will not have a problem finding one on the LMPERFORMANCE web site that is perfect for your vehicle whether it be anything from a Buick to a Toyota and a luxury car to a sports model or truck.

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