Richmond Gears 6903221 | 4.10 Ratio Camaro V8 / V6; 1982-2002

  • Chevrolet Camaro Richmond Gears Rearend Gear
  • Chevrolet Camaro Richmond Gears Rearend Gear

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Richmond Gears 6903221 - Richmond Gears 4.10 Ratio Camaro V8 / V6; 1982-2002.

GM 7.5 & 7.625 AXLE, 4.10:1 RATIO, 3.23 OR # HIGHER OEM GEAR, You must have a series 4 Carrier or this will not fit without modification.

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Richmond Gears 6903221 | 4.10 Ratio Camaro V8 / V6; 1982-2002 Details and Purchase Information.
Richmond Gears
Manufactured by: Richmond Gears
Model: 6903221
Product ID: 4069
Price: $233.87
Condition: New

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About Richmond Gears

History and information about Richmond Gears and their products.

When a company has an impressive worldwide reputation in the racing arena then it would be hard to question the quality of their products. RICHMOND, founded in 1915, has a steadfast commitment to continual research and development and inestimable manufacturing made possible with the latest and greatest manufacturing techniques. The extensive selection of ring and pinion gear sets manufactured by RICHMOND are some of the toughest in the industry because manufacturing is computer-controlled every step of the way and involves the ability to cut gears to 1,000th of an inch precision and heat treat them at the finish. RICHMOND takes pride in the fact that their products are available for a multiplicity of vehicles from the newest to those from the 1940’s. Their Double Diamond symbol is indicative of their success in the field of racing since RICHMOND products have been an important element in winning cars in both the Daytona 500 and the U.S. Nationals, and with this to speak for them, you can be confident that RICHMOND gears will stand up to the harshest conditions in the most extreme situations. RICHMOND is able to accomplish this because they have top-of-the-line equipment that they can utilize for continual checking of strength, hardness and tolerance and they demand their products meet very strict standards and won’t release them until they do just that. Now let’s talk about racing and gears and we’ll start off by saying that a powerful engine alone will not win you a race and while it is certainly a big contributing factor your rear gears also play an important role in your success on the track because you need gears that are low enough to give you the edge when it comes to starting and accelerating and the wrong gears can be an impediment and lose the race for you. The Richmond Rear End Gears available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site for your 2010-2014 Camaro with 3.73 Ratio are one example of a product that is designed to help you win races since it will increase both your launch speed and acceleration and can make your Camaro lightning quick off the line. Check out the Camaro and Firebird gears below and find the perfect gear to give you the extra edge you need. Be first to the finish line with the inimitable Double Diamond and make it all possible with a competitive price from LMPERFORMANCE.

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