Taylor 98003 | Thundervolt Wires, LS1 F-Body, Corvette, Black; 1997-2002

  • Chevrolet Corvette Taylor Ignition Wire
  • Chevrolet Corvette Taylor Ignition Wire
  • Taylor 98003 | Thundervolt Wires, LS1 F-Body, Corvette, Black; 1997-2002

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Product Description

Taylor 98003 - Taylor Thundervolt Wires, LS1 F-Body, Corvette, Black; 1997-2002.

Ferrite Spiral Wound Coated Core
Blended of an Exclusive Copper/Nickel Alloy
Bonded by a Conductive Acrylic Latex Cover

This exclusive process is designed to reinforce the core resistance to assist in holding the core resistance to 50 ohms +/- 20% under most racing conditions.

  • Only 50 ohms per foot resistance
  • 10.4mm - .409 inch diameter
  • Three layers of pure ZIMPLEX® silicone - a Taylor Cable Exclusive
  • 600 degrees heat protection
  • 102,000 volts dielectric strength
  • No additional heat sleeve required
  • Tightly woven, heat treated fiberglass braid
  • Pure silicone “Pro Boot”® bonded to the wire


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About Taylor

History and information about Taylor and their products.

As early as 1923, Taylor Cable Products was on its way to success in the performance field with their high quality products for the automotive industry, such as; ignition plug wires, battery cables, wiring harnesses, fire sleeves, and other ignition components. Housed in a one hundred thousand square foot facility in Kansas City, Missouri, the Taylor team is determined to give you, their customer, the best and to that end they continually work toward developing and testing innovative products. As a testament to Taylor Cable Products’ perfection is the fact that many of their products are used by some of the most respected companies in the world like Daimler Chrysler, John Deere, Mack Truck and Harley-Davidson, all of whose reputations would preclude using anything but the best. Not only that, but their product line has been represented in some of the world’s fastest race and street vehicles; such as by Randy Meyer - NHRA Champion, Cody BARKLAGE - NHRA PRO MOD and a host of others. For safety, Taylor Cable Products designed Fire Sleeves to protect you from the hazards inherent in high heat situations such as you may experience on the track. Taylor fire sleeves are a truly space age protector with their heat treated woven fiberglass that can withstand temperatures to twelve hundred degrees. Additionally, if you have installed new headers but now find one of your spark plug boots melting onto one of your header primaries, fix that problem with the Taylor fire sleeves. And did you know that Taylor Cable Products was the company that invented the ThnderVolt®50, an 8.2mm and 10.4 mm, 50 ohm 100% ZIMPLEX® Silicone Spark Plug Wire and designed it with you racers in mind with not one but three layers of silicone? It offers impressive six hundred degree heat protection and one hundred two thousand volts of dielectric strength and it doesn’t even require an additional heat sleeve. Or still another option from Taylor the 8MM Spiro Pro Wire Set that will give you ultimate firepower minus any radio interference and which gives up to ten times the conductivity provided by ordinary resistor wire with continuous heat protection of up to six hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Shop our selection of Taylor ignition wires, ThunderVolt wires & fire sleeves below.