Pro-M FORD-85FA | 85mm Flanged Mass Air Meter Mustang GT/1996-01 COBRA V8; 1996-2004

  • Ford Mustang Pro-M Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Ford Mustang Pro-M Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Pro-M FORD-85FA |  85mm Flanged Mass Air Meter Mustang GT/1996-01 COBRA V8; 1996-2004

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Product Description

Pro-M FORD-85FA - Pro-M 85mm Flanged Mass Air Meter Mustang GT/1996-01 COBRA V8; 1996-2004.

The 85mm Flanged is a direct replacement for the 80mm OEM meter found in 96-2004 Mustangs and 97-03 Ford trucks. The 95mm Flanged is a direct replacement for 03-04 Cobra Mustangs, 01-03 Lightning trucks, and Harley Davidson trucks. The 95mm can also be used in the 85mm applications. The 85mm and 95mm flanged meters are made of billet aluminum, and feature welded construction (no cheesy rivets!). These meters will not become a corroded eye sore like the competition's products. They are clear anodized for good looks for many years to come.

SCT Applications: These calibrations are intended for use with the SCT software.Be aware that the transfer functions in the SCT software, differ from the actual SCT meter transfer functions by an average of 20%! This is why we offer two different calibrations for each application. Order calibration BA2400A or BA2800A, if you would like your new meter to match the transfer function from the actual SCT meters. Order BA2400S or BA2800S if you would like your new meter to match the SCT software.

Cold Air Kit: tune is intended for TRUE cold air kit tuning where the induction system takes air from out side and not from the engine compartment.

Product Summary

Pro-M FORD-85FA | 85mm Flanged Mass Air Meter Mustang GT/1996-01 COBRA V8; 1996-2004 Details and Purchase Information.
Manufactured by: Pro-M
Model: FORD-85FA
Product ID: 18687
Price: $315.00
Condition: New

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About Pro-M

History and information about Pro-M and their products.

Pro-M mass air meters are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles, as both direct bolt-in replacements, and in universal designs, to maximize your engine's horsepower potential, by allowing your engine to breathe to its fullest potential. Each mass air meter is individually calibrated on one of our in-house flow benches specific to your particular application, and fuel injector size, eliminating the need for time consuming and expensive dyno tuning. Others make claims, but only Pro-M Racing possesses both the intellectual and physical properties necessary to calibrate your mass air meter to within two percent of what the OEM considers the perfect baseline. (In comparison, OEM meters are typically held to within 6 percent). Quite simply, despite their claims, no other company even knows what this baseline is. For those who choose to have their vehicle professionally tuned, all of our meters are supplied with a flow data sheet. The flow data sheet provides extremely accurate and invaluable information for tuners, greatly reducing the time needed to properly tune your vehicle. All Pro-M mass air meters can be installed in a matter of minutes, and will provide immediate results.

In case you didn’t know, the Mass Air Flow Sensor in your car has a very important job to do and that is it sends your car’s engine a signal with measurements that aid in the calculation of fuel delivery and spark timing – hard to believe isn’t it. It is able to accomplish this by means of an electrically charged wire that can tell how much air is entering the air intake and then in turn it creates an electrical voltage, transmits it to your car’s phenomenal computer system and as a consequence the spark timing is adjusted as well as fuel delivery and spark advance. If you find your car’s engine stalling, rough when it is at idle or you are using much more gas then you used to then you could have a faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor, or if you have added aftermarket performance parts to your car these may have resulted in additional air flow and your car’s factory Mass Air Flow Sensor may not be accurate creating problems in performance and fuel economy. If it is time to replace your car’s hot wire type sensor from the factory with an aftermarket high performance mass air meter consider the ones designed and manufactured by Pro-M Racing, the company that has the performance engine in mind when they go to the drawing board. Innovations like the Pro-M 92mm Universal High Flow Mass Air Meter V8 on the LMPERFORMANCE web site with its bell mouth design and non- protruding sampling element and its 360 degree sampling design, a truly a remarkable piece of engineering and it is available in any calibration so it has wide spread use. Also from Pro-M Racing for your Cobra, Mustang or Ford Truck the flanged air meter with its billet aluminum fabrication, welded construction and anodization it will outperform and outlast any competitive product and be much more eye appealing, a very important attribute if you are showing your car. Peruse these and all of the other outstanding Pro-M Racing meters on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and get your upgrade at a competitive price.

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