Hotchkis HO515-4001 | Subframe Connectors Camaro / Firebird; 1982-1992

  • Chevrolet Camaro Hotchkis SubFrame Connector
  • Chevrolet Camaro Hotchkis SubFrame Connector
  • Hotchkis HO515-4001 |  Subframe Connectors Camaro / Firebird; 1982-1992

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Product Description

Hotchkis HO515-4001 - Hotchkis Subframe Connectors Camaro / Firebird; 1982-1992.

Hotchkis subframe connectors strengthen the chassis of your Camaro/ Firebird to increase cornering and straight line performance. Engineered to strengthen the chassis and provide maximum ground clearence, also reduces T-top and dash rattles. Fabricated from 1-1/2'' x 2'' steel tubing and finished in gloss black powdercoat.

Product Summary

Hotchkis HO515-4001 | Subframe Connectors Camaro / Firebird; 1982-1992 Details and Purchase Information.
Manufactured by: Hotchkis
Model: HO515-4001
Product ID: 1687
Price: $239.95
Condition: New

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About Hotchkis

History and information about Hotchkis and their products.

The company draws on a background in racing as its cornerstone for product development and the knowledge and experience of not only John HOTCHKIS but of everyone affiliated with HOTCHKIS springs. Starting with its beginnings in the late 1960’s when designing suspension systems for the racing enthusiast, it has utilized both ingenuity and determination to bring the company to where it is today. Its success in this genre led to the burgeoning into suspension systems for a potpourri of vehicles and earned HOTCHKIS suspension and Hotchkis springs its place among the best in the suspension industry. Parts like the HOTCHKIS suspension and Hotchkis springs as well as sway bars are not manufactured in the traditional way of utilizing press and bend dies that is fraught with problems but they are designed using a fully parametric CAD system affording an exact fit and consideration of required handling characteristics of each and every vehicle they are designed for and then to complete the manufacturing process they material is put on a high tech CNC bending machine resulting in a part with exceptional tolerance. The HOTCHKIS Suspension Package for your Firebird 1982-02 on the LMPERFORMANCE web site is another example of the HOTCHKIS design with its adjustable upper and lower trailing arms that are precisely fitted to control your car’s rear axle. You will see an improvement in take offs, cornering and overall stability and you can be assured of a part that will hold up to abuse because it is one of the strongest available today. And for your Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird consider the sub frame connector from HOTCHKIS and available at LMPERORMANCE, that is sure to strengthen your car’s chassis so that you will have improved handling when cornering, easy to install and with everything included but the grease and Loctite and we think you will find the added rigidity is well worth the cost.

As a further testament to their excellence in product is their extensive testing procedure developed for all of the HOTCHKIS sports suspension components at the California Speedway with testing protocols including their 600 foot slalom, 200 foot skid pad and the 14-turn Autocross course. An extensive evaluation is conducted and anything not up to standard is redesigned and then retested-they leave no stone unturned in assuring you of an outstanding product and to that end they also do testing of individual customer cars on city streets. They want to be sure to give you the best performing suspension part regardless of the driving situation and they go to great lengths to do this. HOTCHKIS springs doesn’t only want your suspension system to perform perfectly but they also want it to be attractive and long lasting and to accomplish this they offer a variety of finishes including gloss powder coating bright polish, colorful anodizing, silver zinc and gold cad plating. Peruse the assortment of HOTCHKIS suspension aftermarket parts on the LMPERFORMANCE and find the one that will work best for your car whether it be on the race track or on the daily drive to work and get it at a competitive price. Shop our H&R Lowering Springs for more great quality products!

Hotchkis Brand Review(s):

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Hotchkis Rear Suspension Package; 1982-2002
5 Stars Loving it, Date: 4/21/2009

By: Chris K
Ownership: 1 week - 1 month
Easy to install, concise instrutions, kit includes everything but a grease gun and Blue Loctite, the added rigidity is well worth the money. the stock bushings are notorious for going bad in the Trailing arms, and this fixes that "clunk" on load reversal. A+ Component

Current Mods:
Several Suspension and a motor waiting more parts

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