• AlphaRex 810014

    AlphaRex Toyota Tacoma TRD Wiring Adapter Projector Headlight Converter - 810014

    AlphaRex 810014 | AlphaRex Toyota Tacoma TRD Wiring Adapter AlphaRex Projector Headlight Converter; 2016-2020
    AlphaRex 810014 | AlphaRex Toyota Tacoma TRD Wiring Adapter AlphaRex Projector Headlight Converter; 2016-2020 Alternate Image 1

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Product Description

SKU: 810014

AlphaRex 810014 - AlphaRex Toyota Tacoma TRD Wiring Adapter AlphaRex Projector Headlight Converter; 2016-2020.

AlphaRex 16-20 Toyota Tacoma TRD Wiring Adapter AlphaRex Projector Headlight Converter


These Toyota Tacoma Converters will fit the following models:

16-20 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO models only

Our 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma headlights originally fits Toyota Tacoma SR models, but if you have a 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD model, you will need these converters to install our NOVA-Series headlights. These converters set include 2 converters for headlights plugs and 2 converters for turn signal plugs.

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About AlphaRex

History and information about AlphaRex and their products.

Do you see what the team at LMPerformance sees? Of course you do, and that is the importance of your car's lighting because you not only want to be able to see when you are driving but want your car to look great as well. We can help you with that by introducing you to AlphaRex™ and their impressive lighting aftermarket portfolio. I guess you could ask yourself why AlphaRex, well first of all, they have a revolutionary L.E.D. technology that is so revolutionary they have patented it.

The Nova-Series L.E.D. headlights served to enter them into the genre of aftermarket performance lighting and they have persisted in their endeavor to offer you products that were innovative and uniquely stylish. Originality may not be the impetus for everyone but if you are one of those who want something more than a “cookie cutter” product then AlphaRex might just be for you.

Twenty years of manufacturing experience is no small accolade and AlphaRex has that and they have achieved that goal with a key to quality, originality and customer satisfaction. Their desire to stay ahead of the competition is a driving force at AlphaRex and a prelude to their success in the aftermarket lighting venue.

Designing from scratch is no easy task but AlphaRex has proven that they are up to the challenge and as a consequence patent every component they have designed and guarantee that their products are compliant with the SAE and DOT requirements, all necessary for a product that can be trusted. And as a further testament to their trustworthiness is the fact that AlphaRex’s products are certified to ISO-9000, ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 standards.

As I am sure you know, quality control is the key when it comes to product perfection and AlphaRex inspects every detail of their lights so that you can be assured of a product that is second to none. Due diligence is a trademark at AlphaRex because they want you, their customer, to be completely satisfied with the product of your choice.

A company with the customer in mind is certainly true of AlphaRex because unlike most of their competitors who develop only LED headlights, AlphaRex, recognizing that not every customer wants the same thing, develops both LED and Halogen headlights so the choice is up to you and not the company, Al[haRex accomplishes this by offering two lines of lights, their PRO and NOVA lines of headlights.

Lights like the F-150 NOVA series hi-power, full LED headlights with the LED bar surrounding the light are impressive to say the least with their four projectors, 6000K light output and superlative projection. The Ice Cube 3D LED projector is another innovative idea from AlphaRex and totally designed by them so that your headlights look good in every angle. And the equally impressive Halogen headlights for some F-150’s use dual projectors and have an LED bar surrounding the light as a DRL and signal light. These headlights use H7 halogen bulbs for low beam and H7 halogen bulbs for high beam.

Not an F-150 owner, have no fear, AlphaRex and LMPerformance can still help you find an impressive light for your vehicle whether you need an LED or Halogen light you can expect quality with an AlphaRex light.


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