Superwinch 1145230 | 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch

  • Universal Universal Superwinch Winche
  • Universal Universal Superwinch Winche
  • Superwinch 1145230 | 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch
    Superwinch 1145230 | 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch Alternate Image 1

    Superwinch 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch


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Product Description

Superwinch 1145230 - Superwinch 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch.

Superwinch 4500 LBS 12 VDC 1/4in x 55ft Synthetic Rope Terra 45SR Winch

The Superwinch Terra 45SR is the standout performer in powersports ATV/UTV winching. Its not a claim we make lightly and we back it up with stronger motors, wider gears, beefed up drums and durable synthetic rope. Terra 45SR winches are the industrys first truly sealed utility terrain vehicle winch assembly. All seals on the entire winch from the outmost end of the motor to the ergonomic free spool control knob all meet the IP67 rating. The 10 handheld remote and the solenoid are sealed at this same tough standard which ensures to keep out water, mud, snow and dust.

Terra 45SR Winch Features:

  • Rated Line Pull Of 4500 Lbs
  • Wide Drum Adds Rope Capacity
  • 1.6 Hp Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gearing With 191:1 Ratio
  • Sealed Solenoid With Circuit Breaker
  • Easy To Engage Ergonomic Freespool Control Knob
  • Wire Rope Measures 1/4 In. X 55 Ft.
  • Heavy-Duty Clevis Pinned Latched Hook
  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • 10 Ft. Handheld Remote Control w/Handlebar Mounted Rocker Switch


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About Superwinch

History and information about Superwinch and their products.

It looks like you are in the market for a winch for your vehicle so the team at LMPERORMANCE wants to introduce you to the premier winch company Superwinch, a California based company with a reputation like none other. Commencing with a design for Ford Motor Company the Superwinch has mushroomed into being the preeminent privately held designer and manufacturer of winch systems in the world, a truly remarkable feat.

After having accomplished the design for Ford, the company’s founder, Frank Tolsdorf soon saw the potential in broadening his horizons and as a consequence the first Superwinch facility was built in Connecticut to design and manufacture winches for pleasure boaters. Then recognizing the potential in the industry Ian Dodds an aerospace engineer joined Superwinch and with his expertise the company delved into the field of satellite positioning systems.

Superwinch went on to tackle the hydraulic and worm drive winch market with the same expertise and enthusiasm and as a result created primo products in overdrive gearboxes for Toyota and Land Rover and thus occupied a substantial niche in that marketplace. Then with safety and less weight as primary considerations Superwich set about the task of finding a way to accomplish both of these goals and thus began using synthetic ropes on winches and offering their customers a winch complete with ropes. As a result Superwinch became the pioneers in building winches explicitly designed to withstand the unique loading characteristics of synthetic rope.

The company’s repertoire of products has grown considerably since the first winch was designed for Ford Motor Company and now includes things like electric winches, power drives, hydraulic winches, accessories, parts and hubs and offers winches with anything from 1,000 to 50,000 pound capacity. Superwinch has been successful in the designing and manufacturing of winches for your Jeep, Truck, ATV/UTV or Trailer that are a cut above the rest when it comes to design, reliability and value.

Try the best of the best for your Jeep or Truck with the fastest line speed found in the Superwinch Talon line that offers superior performance and comes complete with Disc brake and S3 solenoid. Or if you are in the market for a value winch then consider the Superwinch Tiger Shark for your Jeep or Truck with its powerful motors, strong gears and stainless steel parts. For an even better bargain check out the LP Series winch.

For you ATV/UTV owners Superwinch is sure to satisfy your needs with tis Superwinch Terra ATV/UTV winch forged from exceptional grade components, gearing and electronics and if value is the name of the game then take a look at the Superwinch LT Series for a winch that is dependable and affordable. And if you need a winch for your trailer then Superwinch can help you there with their reliable, strong and durable trailer winches.

You can’t go wrong with a winch from Superwinch because they have the expertise and successful history to prove to you that they can satisfy your needs with an impressive product for the right price.

Headquartered in San Dimas, California, Superwinch is the largest privately-held designer, manufacturer, and marketer of winch systems and accessories in the world. The company produces a large variety of winch products including electric winches, power drives, hydraulic winches, accessories, parts, and hubs that are sold to both the consumer and industrial end-markets. The company’s winches have an outstanding reputation in the marketplace for their superior design, reliability and value proposition and have established a loyal following among off-road enthusiasts and industrial OEMs alike.