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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Subaru

There is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to horsepower and torque in your car because many companies will choose the least expensive alternative when it comes to items such as exhaust systems. An aftermarket performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. by allowing for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape meaning your engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster thus more fuel and air can be burned to create more power. Among the reasons to add an aftermarket exhaust system is the change in exhaust note creating an only slightly louder sound than your stock exhaust at idle, but the deepening to a low "growl" during acceleration. The type of bend used to make an exhaust results in a difference in the way air flows. The typical factory-made systems, as well as some aftermarket systems, use a "crush-bend" technique which creates a crinkled area in the pipes that decreases the diameter and slows the exhaust gases. A "mandrel bend," on the other hand, is smooth, so the pipe remains at a constant diameter through the bend, meaning less resistance, so you get more efficient airflow and better performance. The next thing to consider when choosing an exhaust system is what material is used to make the system and with most factory exhaust systems this is mild steel which has a tendency to deteriorate over time. The better aftermarket systems are made using aluminized steel or stainless steel with aluminized steel offering slightly better longevity than stock systems, and with stainless systems lasting much longer — usually for the life of the car or truck. Most aftermarket systems add to your car or truck's appearance, with larger tips and highly polished mufflers that provide a more refined, aggressive look. . Most cars and trucks benefit from slightly larger piping, but if you go too big, you can actually hurt your vehicle's performance but if you are adding a turbocharger or supercharger, you'll want to go much larger than your stock exhaust. The Team at Late Model Performance knows that an aftermarket exhaust is a prodigious addition to your car or truck's performance, appearance, and sound and can change your car or truck for the better. Whether you're looking for more power, show-quality looks, or both, the right exhaust system can change your car or truck for the better. That is why the Team at Late Model Performance is proud to offer you the Invidia Exhaust System for your Subaru. For a good balance of price and performance, Invidia offers the motorsport enthusiasts a strong line-up of Invidia N1 Exhausts. Each Invidia Exhaust is constructed with high quality SUS304 Stainless Steel, CNC-machined flanges, and manufactured with a polished finish and features mandrel-bent stainless steel piping for maximum exhaust flow and reduced back pressure and are engineered to produce strong mid to top-end power gains, as well as an increase in horsepower and torque. Invidia Exhausts feature available Titanium Burnt Blue Exhaust Tips as well as full Stainless Steel Full exhaust systems and full Titanium systems are also available which reduce weight and add performance.

Can't find what you want for your Subaru in an Invidia exhaust system for your model and year car or just want to research another brand, take a look at B &B, Billy Boat exhaust systems, another top-of-the line company. Billy Boat exhaust systems start with T-304 stainless steel the highest quality material practical for after-cat exhaust applications and the exhaust tubing is mandrel bent on sophisticated CNC machinery for a precise fit and uninterrupted exhaust flow. B&B's use of T-304 stainless steel flanges offers high strength and complete resistance to harsh elements and all hangers, resonators, and tips are T-304 stainless steel as well.

Still not satisfied then take a look at the Borla line of exhausts. Borla's free-flow exhaust utilizes patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy — all with an easy bolt-on installation. All BORLA street products carry an unsurpassed written million-mile warranty and offer gains of 7-10% increase in HP.

Late Model Performance has a complete line of parts for your Subaru car and can offer you the best in quality and price and all with free shipping.