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Kooks Headers

Kooks Headers

About Kooks Headers

Kooks Headers. Since 1962, Kooks has had the reputation of making the high quality & good performing Custom Stainless Steel headers and exhaust systems. All Kooks Exhausts and Headers are handcrafted here in the USA! Kooks offers some of the highest quality headers and exhausts available here at (along with Billy Boat, American Racing Headers, and Stainless Works Headers).

Kooks Headers and Exhaust offers production applications for many late model domestic automobiles. This means that you can get that custom header for your early or late model application for a fraction of the cost. There is no other header company in the country that can offer you a header for your gas engine truck, while still building handmade custom race headers that are used in applications making over 3,000 horsepower. KOOK's pride itself on being the pioneers in the stainless steel header revolution and have become the innovators in the exhaust industry as a whole. Kooks designs, tests, and manufacturers their products here in the USA. Don't forget to checkout American Racing Headers and Stainless Works Headers!

About Kooks Headers

You probably cannot imagine a business starting from something as simple as a gas torch but that is exactly what happened when George Kook decided he wanted to build headers for his race car and he, being the avid racer he was, e had a presence in the local drag racing community and thus was the start of it all and KOOKS continues to have an inimitable presence in today’s racing community, regardless of the kind of racing. Helping racers win in everything from NHRA to NASA was a goal for KOOK HEADERS AND EXHAUST and they have stayed true to that goal and have been instrumental in the winning of countless races in a variety of venues. A simple start did not deter a company like KOOKS because they were up to the challenge such a competitive industry has presented by always adhering to their primary goal of making a primo product that their customers could trust to improve their car’s performance provided by a company that could be trusted. KOOKS HEADERS AND EXHAUST is unique in its ability to design and produce headers for something like trucks and then one of a kind headers for racing situations with their demand for tremendous horsepower and each and every one is given the same consideration when it comes to excellence of product since KOOKS knows each and every customer deserves the best. The quality of products like Kooks long tube headers for your Cadillac CTS-V, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac GTO, and GMC truck and available on our website is undisputed with their custom design and primo quality stainless steel construction. And for off-road use in your GM series pick-up truck and SUVs and Cadillac Escalade KOOKS makes another superlative product, the OFF-ROAD Y PIPE with their OEM outlet that can be used with stock exhaust but must be used with KOOKS HEADERS. If you want the improved performance that comes with the KOOKS yet still want to be street legal then consider the Kooks GREEN Catted Y-Pipe for your Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro and available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site. Since its inception KOOKS has been a family owned and run business whose manufacturing facility in North Carolina designs and fabricates their inimitable products on site, and they are the only company who offers high performance exhaust systems that are environmentally friendly. With recommendations like that you can be confident you are getting a product that is superlative from a name you can trust and you can get it at a competitive price on the LMPERFORMANCE web site.

Kooks Headers Review(s):

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Kooks 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L 1 7/8" x 3" Stainless Steel Long Tube Header w/ Off Road (Non-Catted) Connection Pipe
4 Stars Kooks headers, Date: 12/11/2016

By: Kevin
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
2015 mustang gt with Whipple supercharger tuned by rodeheavers hotrod shop runs 10.9 quarter mile still has factory cats. Now adding kooks headers and cat deletes

Current Mods:
2015 mustang gt Whipple supercharger now adding kooks headers

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As the proud owner of the super light SL-C Rapier ASPIRA we know you have put a lot of thought and effort into your can and want the best in not only appearance but also in performance, particularly if you intend to use it on the track. Since the clutch in your SL-C Rapier ASPIRA is the first component of your car's power train and since it has a tremendously responsible function, engaging and disengaging the engine's power, we know you want a top quality clutch and SPEC, a preeminent manufacturer of performance clutches, can meet your clutch needs. Whether you are in the market for a full clutch kit or one of the important parts like the flywheel or pressure, SPEC will meet your expectations when it comes to performance and durability. The array of designs and compilations of materials in their Stage 1 through Stage 5 clutch kits and parts make it easy to find the one to suit you. When manufacturing flywheels SPEC takes into consideration your driving conditions and how your SL-C reacts to rotational mass changes and they alone are produced at an incredible .001 machine tolerance guarantying a flat seating surface and smooth rotational characteristics for ideal balance and added engine life. For the racing enthusiasts or performance driver such as yourself performance clutches with heavier springs and premium quality materials are essential because heavier springs equal more clamping force and better torque and the SPEC aluminum pressure plate will provide an exceptional increase in clamp load meaning you get quicker revs, more horsepower and increased engine reliability. If the flywheel friction plate on your flywheel is warped or scorched it can lead to gear slippage, a burnt smell, or intense rumbling or vibration when you use your clutch or clutch drag wherein your clutch will not properly release, so if you are experiencing any of these things it is time to check your flywheel. You may only need a flywheel friction plate and if that is the case SPEC has the one for you and if you need the whole flywheel that is available as well. You may just be in the market for a clutch disc and don’t need the whole clutch kit and that’s alright because SPEC can supply that as well, just remember if you are racing then buy a disc that is designed for racing applications and with the right heat resistant materials and you can get all that with a SPEC clutch disc. These allow you to shift quickly and smoothly so that you can immediately accelerate and think about how important that is in a race, you are doing it constantly. Low quality material in a racing clutch will wear out very quickly so in the end you are really not saving any money and you are compromising your performance in the bargain - look for quality from the start and perform better on the track and have a clutch that lasts longer - buy a SPEC clutch designed with the racer in you in mind.