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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Saturn

To protect your Saturn from exterior and interior damage consider the quality products from the inimitable manufacturer WeatherTech. The WeatherTech LampGards are designed especially for your Saturn headlamps and are clear are applied to the surface of your lights and have UV protections to inhibit drying, hardening, cracking or discoloring. LampGards are custom die-cut to fit your Astra, Aura, ION, L Series, Outlook, Relay, S Series, SC2, Sky, SL and Vue vehicle perfectly so just check your model and year Saturn on our web site to assure the right part for your car. The 4 mm tinted cast acrylic WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors that fit your Ion and Vue sunroof opening offer significant reduced outside wind noise and air turbulence. And for your Aura, Ion, L Series, Outlook, Relay, S Series, SC Series, SC 2, SL Saturn and Vue the Side Window Deflectors guard your Saturn from debris and permit air to enter and leave because you can crack your windows in the rain. To protect your Saturn from the elements, try WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats with channels to trap water, road salt, mud and sand and with anti-skid ridges to prevent shifting. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats are manufactured in America to ISO 9001 standards, and also meet FMVSS302 standards. And yet more great products to protect your Saturn interior from WeatherTech, the WeatherTech FloorLiner with DigitalFit that protects your carpet because it is designed using digital laser measurements to create a product the perfectly fits your Saturn. The High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material provides surface friction and creates channels the take dirt and fluids to a lower reservoir assisting in the minimization of spills while driving. WeatherTech also can furnish Cargo Liners for your Astra, Aura, L Series, Outlook, Relay, S Series, SC Series, SC 2, L Saturn and Vue to completely protect your trunk and cargo and that are wear resistant and flexible to keep your cargo from shifting. The interior of a car that is parked outdoors on a hot sunny day can reach temperatures of up to 194 °F and extreme conditions will not only make it uncomfortable when you get into your Saturn Astra, Aura, Ion, L-Series, Outlook, Relay, Sky and Vue but can also damage the interior of the car. The use of sunshades inside a car on bright sunny days helps to reduce temperatures and custom fit and perfect for any season, the TechShade® by Weathertech will cool down your vehicle in summer and aid in the prevention of frost build-up in the winter. Use the drop down boxes to find the WeatherTech product that most suits your needs and get the best price and free shipping on a TechShade from Late Model Performance.

When the clutch with its flywheel, pressure plate, disc, throw-out bearing and release system weaken and begin to fail to grab it might be time to consider an aftermarket performance clutch. Performance clutches become necessary when the power levels or temperatures experienced by the clutch system exceed the levels at which the stock clutch disc can operate such as when it is getting excessive use on a track day. Whether for street use or racing you won't get better than a performance clutch from SPEC, the preeminent manufacturer of Clutch Kits, Clutch Disks, and Clutch Pressure Plates and SPEC flywheels and flywheel friction plates. SPEC manufactures street high performance and racing clutches for your Saturn ION, ION Redline, L Series, S Series, Sky and Vue in Clutch Kits From street kit Stage 1, 2, 2+, 3, and 3+ to Race Kits Stage 4 and 5. Stage 1 is carbon Kevlar-based; Stage 2 is segmented or full faced Kevlar with steel backing; Stage 2+ is a multi-fraction disc; Stage 3 is carbon semi-metallic 6 puck sprung or un-sprung; Stage 3+ is carbon semi-metallic full faced material; Stage 4 is solid hub and is solid 8-rivet; Stage 5 is full-metallic disc.

The SPEC flywheel and flywheel friction plate for your Saturn ION, ION Redline, L Series, S Series, Sky and Vue are manufactured and developed for specific driving environments and can be used for an variety of driving possibilities and racing/high performance applications. Manufactured from only the highest quality steel and aluminum, they are the only flywheels on the market manufactured to a .001 machine tolerance, guaranteeing a flat seating surface for the clutch and smooth rotational qualities for perfect balance and extended engine life and aluminum Flywheels are generally half the weight of stock steel flywheels thus provide faster revving, less drag on the engine, and quicker response then heavier Steel Flywheels. The SPEC Clutch Pressure Plate and Clutch Disk are also available separately for your Saturn ION, ION Redline, L Series, S Series, Sky and Vue.