Mitsubishi Eclipse Extreme Dimensions Rear Bumper

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  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Extreme Dimensions Rear Bumper
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Extreme Dimensions Rear Bumper
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Extreme Dimensions

Extreme Dimensions

About Extreme Dimensions

Love your car the way we do? Want it to look special? LMPerformance can help you get that extra special look with aftermarket body kits and body parts from Extreme Dimensions. Extreme Dimensions offers several lines of aftermarket body parts to enhance the appearance of your car. LMPerformance appreciates the quality of the Extreme Dimension line and carries all the parts you need to make your performance car look the way you want it to.

Nothing is better than an aftermarket body kit to make your car stand out from all the others. Don't need a whole aftermarket body kit, take a look at the hood scoops, bumpers, bumper scoops, fenders and trim that will put your car in another class. Want the door to stand out? Check out our door caps and door moldings. Don't forget the lights, skirts, and window scoops from Extreme Dimensions. Just a little thing can make a big difference in your car's appearance.

Extreme Dimensions also features several different lines of products geared towards various car types and price points. Duraflex products offer fiberglass aero at an exceptional value with increased durability. Carbon Creations line exemplifies our devotion to quality and value by providing Grade "A" carbon fiber aerodynamics. For those who demand exceptional fitment and unmatched durability that polyurethane offers we're proud to offer the Couture line.

EXTREME DIMENSIONS has burgeoned since its inception in 2000 from a startup operation to a company that now has a facility in Orange County, California totaling 150,000 square feet for research and design, a 200,000 square foot facility used for manufacturing overseas, a product line numbering in excess of 7,000 products and a worldwide customer base and employees numbering over 300 and they owe all of this to their demand for excellence in product and customer service and their unceasing desire to improve. EXTREME DIMENSIONS is also represented by their other unique brands: the EXTREME DIMENSIONS DURAFLEX brand of exclusive aerodynamic fiberglass parts, CARBON CREATIONS brand of primo carbon fiber aerodynamic body parts, the AEROFUNCTION brand for the discriminating luxury car owner who demands nonpareil aerodynamic parts with the unique compilation of materials and last but not least, the VAERO brand of products in polypropylene for today’s luxury cars. EXTREME DIMENSIONS makes a part for every kind of driver whether they are the professional race car driver, sports enthusiasts or every day driver who wants to get the sleek racing car aerodynamic look and their parts are designed for each and every one with the same inimitable quality they are noted for. So whether you are in the market for an aftermarket body kit or part for purely aesthetic reasons to change the look of and personalize your car or to improve its performance either on the road or on the track you can feel confident that you are buying from a company who knows their business and is determined to do what they do to perfection when you choose a body kit or body part from the eminent EXTREME DIMENSIONS, or EXTREME DIMENSIONS DURAFLEX. Want a Duraflex Spoiler for your Nissan 350Z? We've got you covered.

Check out all of the Extreme Dimensions on LMPerformance for the best price and unbeatable customer service and of course free shipping.

About Extreme Dimensions

Newest Extreme Dimensions Car Parts for Your Mitsubishi Eclipse


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of automobiles whose origins date back to 1917 when the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company introduced the Mitsubishi Model A. If you own a Mitsubishi we want to help you make it better.

To make your Mitsubishi perform its best try installing a clutch kit from the preeminent manufacturer of clutch kits, SPEC. You will find SPEC clutch kits for your Mitsubishi 3000GT, CORIDA, Eclipse, EXPO, GALANT, Lancer, Lancer V (non-U.S.), LRV, Mirage, Montero, Pick-up, raider, STARION and TREDIA. The SPEC Clutch Kit comes with everything you need for improved clutch performance and to correct the sticking and slipping of your old clutch and replacing it with a “NUMERO UNO” performance clutch regardless of the Stage you choose. The Super Twin for your Lancer and Eclipse is designed for extreme torque and horsepower with aircraft grade aluminum high carbon billet steel and full faced carbon graphite discs and the Mini Twin for your Lancer and Eclipse comes in various kinds of disc and flywheel materials and are recommended on the type of use you demand and both can be rebuilt.

To make your Mitsubishi Diamante, Eclipse, GALANT, Lancer and Mirage look stupendous upgrade it with a DURAFLEX Body Kit by Extreme Dimensions that incorporated plastic, flex resins and fiberglass to develop this extraordinary product for your car. Give your 3000GT, Eclipse, Lancer and Mirage that eye catching performance car look with a Rear Wing Trunk Lid Spoiler , a Roof Wing Spoiler or those boss looking C-Speed Fenders. Better yet, for superlative aerodynamics and that race car look add a Body Kit available in 4, 6 and 8 part kits made with the same inimitable quality as the individual body parts assuring you of less breakage on shipping so that you can get your car looking great without delay.

The MISHIMOTO manual transmission radiator for your 3000 GT, Lancer and Eclipse is a no-brainer whether you want a premier quality upgrade of your stock radiator or for racing because they feature a 100% Brazed Aluminum Core that can give up to 25% more cooling capacity to your engine and are TIG welded perfectly. In addition they have a magnetic drain plug that draws impurities out of your cooling system, a radiator cap that is rated at 1.3 Bars (19 lbs) to avoid spillage, a lifetime warranty and a unique serial number for registration of the warranty.

Suspension performance is a top priority for road handling and comfort and the superior manufacturer EIBACH has developed a Coil-Over Kit just for your Mitsubishi and is available in the Pro-R1 and Pro-R2 series, with the Pro-R1 having single adjustable rebound and compression damping and the Pro-R2 with double adjustable rebound and compression damping with remote reservoirs.

By replacing your stock air filter with the Typhoon Cold-Air Kit for your Mitsubishi you will unleash power you never knew you had because it eliminates restrictions in the air flow to your engine. The complete air flow assembly is replaced with the improved design Cold-Air Kit, a free flowing induction system that is mandrel-bent and designed with an oversized High-Flow conical air filter that provides extra air flow. Another good Cold-Air Kit choice is the AEM system that places your filter outside of the engine compartment so that it allows cooler air in, resulting in greater combustion ,and as a second measure of success it also tunes the inlet pipe length and diameter to aid in the movement of air, all resulting in increased gain in power from your engine.