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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Ford

The Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903 and based in Dearborn, Michigan, is an American automaker and the world's fifth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales. It is one of the most profitable companies in the world, as well as being one of the few to survive the Great Depression and it is the largest family-controlled company in the world, having been in continuous family control for over 110 years. Ford now encompasses two brands: Ford and Lincoln. Late Model Performance can provide parts for 54 models of these American icons whether for street use, racing or off-road the answer to your quest is here.

The quintessential Mustang is well represented at Late Model Performance with a capacious array of parts for chassis and suspension, drive train and transmission, electronics and tuners, interior and exterior accessories, engine components, exhausts, gauges, lighting and induction parts. With body kits from Street Scene, 3dCarbon, RK Sport, Xenon, Duraflex, Couture, Carbon Creations the proud Mustang owner has a wide array of types of kits to choose from. The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of material whether fiberglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic, carbon fiber and composite. Fiberglass is lightweight, with no warping during temperature changes, and paint will readily adhere to it but the downside is rigidity making installation more difficult and more prone to shattering. Polyurethane parts expensive to purchase; however, the and finish is generally better than fiberglass, more durable and easier to install. Polyurethane is heavier than fiberglass, so polyurethane aero parts are not the best choice for racing if weight reduction is a primary goal. More specialized preparation is required for paint to adhere properly without peeling or flaking off and is also susceptible to warping under extreme heat. ABS plastic is a thermoplastic blend which combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the ruggedness of polybutaiene rubber and offers good protection against dents. It offers fit and finish that's superior to fiberglass and because it is less flexible than polyurethane paint can be easily applied.

Carbon fiber parts ideal for racing because they extremely strong and lightweight. Carbon fiber parts come clear-coated and don't need to be painted but the significant downside to carbon fiber is its higher cost of production. Check out all of the body kits on the Late Model Performance web site and you will find the perfect body kit for your Mustang whether you want a body kit for show or racing our Team has found the part for you at the right price and with free shipping.

Late Model Performance demands the best exhaust systems for their customers and as a result sells Bassani exhaust systems because its properly designed exhaust components is the easiest way to significantly improve both performance and fuel economy without voiding the manufacturer's warranty. Bassani uses superior materials for durability and mandrel-bending creating a product of unequaled quality and fit that improves performance through added horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Bassani offers a complete line of Optimum Length headers, X-Pipe brand and Equalizer brand cat and off-road pipes, and AFT-CAT exhaust systems for late model performance cars, trucks (*gas and diesel*) and sport utility vehicles and Bassani XHaust products are available in STAINLESS STEEL and are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Find the exhaust you need on the Late Model Performance web site at a great price and with free shipping.

Bumping up the horsepower on your Mustang just makes sense and Late Model Performance can help you do that with Pypes' Exhaust systems, one of the paramount manufacturers of exhaust systems on the market for price and superior quality. Pypes' Mustang exhaust products are made of stainless steel materials for quality and durability that is why Pypes exhaust systems and crossover systems are a preeminent choice of car enthusiasts. The Pypes crossover pipes include dual 409 stainless reinforcement plates at the welds where they are needed most and all pipes are mandrel bent, to allow for the maximum flow of exhaust gasses, which boosts acceleration. They are fabricated using the highest quality materials and the smooth, seam-coated, 16 gauge, mandrel-bent, aluminized steel pipe resists corrosion and extends the life of your system. This Conjunctive Crossover design is a proven winner and you can expect to gain 15-25 HP on all r crossover models! Open Port Exhaust provides a straight path when uncapped yet still utilizes the benefits of their crossover technology for an extra 10-15 HP and X-Change is also the perfect crossover to use when adding electric cutouts. A popular exhaust option is The Pypes Pype Bomb which utilizes a unique louvered core resonated dual wall 304 stainless tip to give you that American Muscle Car sound without the popping associated with other lesser kits. Pype Bombs are available for the 5th Generation Camaro as well as. Just select your model and year to find the right Pypes Exhaust System for your Mustang and get it at an economical price and with free shipping.