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The Driveshaft Shop

About The Driveshaft Shop

The Driveshaft Shop has been designing driveshafts used in racecars and street performance cars for over 30 years. Driveshafts can be ordered in carbon fiber, Aluminum and Chromoly. LMPerformance carries all of The Driveshafts products including driveshafts, half shafts, Axles, input shafts and more.

There is something special about THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP that LMPERFORMANCE wants you to know and that is that they dynamically balance each and every drive shaft at over 9000 RPMs for unsurpassable dependability and we want to let you know why that is so important. Most balancing machines depend on sensors that determine the “weight centerline” of the spun part and this then gives the information that is needed to determine how much weight is then necessary to bring it with the required tolerance. However, if the shaft can be spun at the actual speed it will be used at it can provide significantly more information affording the opportunity to make a much more precise correction, and an additional significant advantage is that THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP’s high speed balancer can analyze parameters such as joint tolerance, tube flex, harmonic resonance, slip yoke instability and more, all extremely important and helpful in making the drive shaft as precise as possible. The majority of balancing machines only spin anywhere from four hundred to three thousand RPM but this new balancer that THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP had custom made to assure primo quality is exceptional because of its ability to dynamically balance at over nine thousand RPM’s. Now let’s talk about the differential and we are sure all you racing aficionados know this but some of you enthusiasts new to racing my want a little help. When your car corners the inner wheel travels a shorter distance than the other wheel and if your car did not have a differential the result would be either an inner wheel that rotates much too fast or the outer wheel would drag and that is certainly not something you want because then your car would be extremely difficult to handle, and you would experience tire damage or possible drive train failure. So you can see why you need a differential that is made by a company you can trust and from what we have indicated above you hopefully will feel confident you can trust THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP to provide you with a quality product. But what if you are in the performance arena and don’t want cornering difficulties such as the inside wheel spinning while hard on the gas in your powerful Corvette, Charger or 300C then you need a limited differential and you will find a sui generis one by THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP on the LMPERFORMANCE web site that is of inimitable quality, and because it allows for a limited amount of clutch slip between each axle side you will experience relatively small differences in rotation when you take that corner and will prevent the unwelcome and dangerous wheel spin. Previews all of the nonpareil transmission products by THE DRIVE SHAFT SHOP including the above mention products, axles, and a potpourri of other parts on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and let us help you get your drive shaft in perfect working order at a competitive price and with free shipping.

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