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Since 2001, LMPerformance has worked closely with SLP Performance to offer customers a wide range of performance enhancements to the American muscle car, perhaps the best known of which is its SLP loudmouth mufflers exhaust systems. With our SLP Performance parts line we have helped customers transform late-model rides into modern musclecars like the Camaro SS and Pontiac Firehawk. What initially impressed LMPerformance was SLP being the first company in the performance aftermarket to develop and manufacture a 50-state emission-legal performance package -- specifically for V8 Camaros and Firebirds. LMPerformance carries SLP's best-in-class performance upgrades in the following product categories: TVS Supercharger Packages, Blackwing Cold Air Intakes, SLP Exhaust Tips, Powerflo Headers, SLP Accessories, SLP Suspension, SLP Brake Kits,SLP Wheels.

The range of applications offered by us with the SLP line is equally as wide. Below is just a partial list: Chevy Camaro,Corvette, GM/GMC Trucks and SUVs, Pontiac Firebird, GTP, G8, GXP and GTO, Ford Mustang and F-150, Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum and 300.

Established in 1987, SLP has stood for quality performance enhancements for late-model American Muscle cars from the beginning and it continues to work with vehicle manufacturers. LMPerformance with the above mentioned product lines and parts carries SLP’s entire selection of dyno-tested engine components, exhaust systems, and bolt-on power adders, plus the dress up accessories and incredible wheels your car or truck needs. We are impressed in how only SLP combines this level of OEM quality and aftermarket performance.

We quote SLP's initial claim to fame which says it all: True to its name ("Street Legal Performance"), and their vision of SLP's part program is "to not just provide performance, but to do so with the best engineering practices and quality possible, far exceeding the industry standards".

You would be hard pressed to question the quality of a product from a company that has been in business as long as SLP and at the same time has garnered an inestimable reputation across the spectrum of vehicle owners from everyday drivers to high performance aficionados. The multiplicity of products offered by SLP is a testament to their desire and willingness to go the extra mile to see to it that you get the right part for your car to improve its functioning whether it be driving to work or aiming for the finish line. ROUSH, the epitome of late-model Ford performance tuning, acquired SLP, the epitome of the late-model GM performance tuning and responsible for the supercharging of Regal GSX, Grand Prix GTX, G8 FIREHAWK, Camaro SS and the LT1 powered Firebird/Trans Am WS6 and that is quite an extraordinary combination and it is even more impressive when you consider the Ford and Chrysler additions to the SLP lineup. This outstanding combination should lead to continued success with an opportunity for the two brands to work together giving them even more access to both innovative minds and outstanding ideas yet maintain their individuality. If you just take a brief look at the potpourri of products on the LMPERFORMANCE web site by SLP you will see exactly what we are talking about when we say this is a company you can trust to meet your high performance needs.

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Originating in 2001 the work force at Late Model Performance has maintained a noteworthy level of customer service and has made available a multifarious selection of new performance automobile parts and appurtenances represented by some of the preeminent names in the automobile performance parts industry. The vehicles represented range from 1950 to the present date and our inventory is tremendous and is continually rejuvenated for the purpose of offering an incomparable number and multiplicity of parts to meet the customer's every need. Our 5 star service is an additional reason to shop at Late Model Performance.

As you can see from the listing above Late Model Performance can meet all of your performance parts needs since we carry parts for a wide assortment of vehicles from Acura to Yugo, including some rare and unusual vehicles such as the Bricklin and the sports models such as the Corvette, Camaro, BMW and Jaguar just to mention a few. The Team at Late Model Performance is committed to excellence in customer service and can facilitate your search for the appropriate part for your car so that you can make it the best it can be. We diligently search for parts that will satisfy the most perspicacious customer and since our goal is to meet all of your performance parts needs our staff searches every day to find the inimitable parts with the most outstanding quality and for a price that is second to none. By offering you parts from some of the leaders in the industry Late Model Performance can give you a preeminent selection and at a price that is affordable . Since our goal is to fulfill your order promptly so that you can get started on your improvement or repair in a timely manner, the staff is constantly improving the web site in order to make it easier for you to navigate to the correct part and to place your order. In addition, we double check your order so that we circumvent an unnecessary delay caused by misinformation and of course we offer free shipping on most orders for a yet better price that helps you stay within your budget. Since our inception we have made it our objective to find you parts for the right price so that you can make your improvement or repair affordable and easy. You will find parts from manufacturers such as Borla, American Racing, Ford Racing and many other quality manufacturers. As you can see we have been in business for 15 years under the same ownership and management and have implemented improvements throughout those years to give you a more satisfying shopping experience. and we are dedicated to constant improvement and continually look for unparalleled parts to offer you at the best price.