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About Fast Toys

Why should you install an aftermarket cold air intake? Well for a number of reasons. The cold air intake allows your engine to breath and it is fairly inexpensive and fairly easy to install. Colder air in the engine means more power.

LMPerformance carries the Fast Toys brand of cold air intake systems for your performance car. Many Fast Toys customers show an increased fuel economy of 5-10%, a much needed plus at today's fuel prices. That coupled with increased power are a good reason to choose a FAST Toys cold air intake system. LMPerformance 's long history of good customer service and parts at the right price are the reason to buy your FAST Toys cold air intake system on our web site.

LMPerformance also carries the Fast Toys High Flow 85mm Air Lid, the highest flowing air lid on the market. The Fast Toys High Flow Air Lid is the only one that works with an 85mm MAF with no reduction coupler required. Get your Camaro and Firebird Fast Toys Air Lid at for a great price, free shipping, and fast service.