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About EBC Brakes

The staff at LMPerformance knows how important performance brakes are to the driving enthusiast. LMPerformance knows you want brake pads and brake rotors you can depend on for safety and fast stops. That is why LMPerformance carries EBC Brake pads and EBC brake rotors for your sport, race and high performance vehicle.

EBC Brakes is a world leader in the manufacture of disc brake wear components for these vehicles. EBC Brakes has an extensive Research and Development team that is constantly improving the quality of their product. EBC Brakes is responsible for the ECO friendly Ultimax 2 brake friction material that completely eliminated all heavy metals and sulfides. LMPerformance knows that EBC Brakes subjects every batch of brakes to rigorous testing including destructive sheer testing, density testing, sonar and ultrasonic testing, compressibility testing and friction level testing.

For quality brake pads and rotors at a great price shop lmperformance.com for your EBC Brake pads and rotors. LMPerformance is known for their competitive pricing and great customer service. LMPerformance and EBC Brakes both names you can trust for a safe driving experience.

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