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About Denso

LMPerformance knows that even though the spark plug in your Camaro and Firebird is a small thing it is a very important thing. That is why LMPerformance carries DENSO iridium spark plugs for your Camaro and Firebird and gives their customers the best possible price.

A DENSO iridium spark plug for your Camaro or Firebird can cure your high-performance car's misfiring issues. A DENSO Iridium spark plug makes use of the latest advances in manufacturing to make a spark plug for automotive applications that is better than anything previously available. Iridium spark plugs have electrodes tipped with iridium. The hardness of iridium allows the tip to be made smaller requiring less energy to create a more intense spark. A high melting point means iridium tips last longer. The characteristics of iridium make a spark plug with better wear and heat resistance for improved ignition.

Why choose a DENSO iridium spark plug? DENSO developed the popular U-Groove ground electrode design that gives the flame a groove to grow in creating a larger flame front for a more complete combustion. DENSO also developed an Iridium alloy that is superior to platinum based on hardness, strength and melting point. Finally, DENSO patented the 360ยบ Laser Welding Process, to provide a seal so reliable the electrode resists wear even in the worst combustion conditions.