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About DeatschWerks

If you are in the market for a high performance fuel injectors for your Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette or any other vehicle; see for the DeatschWerks injectors. LMPerformance has the DeatschWerks injectors to meet your needs at the right price with free shipping.

DeatschWerks means quality in fuel injectors for the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette or any other vehicle. DeatschWerks injectors manufactures high performance fuel injectors that are application specific. The DeatschWerks fuel injectors are engineered to fit your OE harness, OE fuel rail and OE manifold. and are designed for easy installation and easy tuning. DeatschWerks always keeps in mind coil impedance, sizing, spray pattern and atomization. Important factors to remember in choosing a fuel injector.

Now DeatschWerks makes a line-up of high performance fuel injectors that includes over 250 applications, including one for the Ford Mustang and other Sport Compact and Modern Muscle applications and the DW300-series in-tank fuel pump.

DEATSCHWERKS, LLC has grown over the years since its establishment in 2004 with the introduction of high flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors for Nissan and then with its further expansion into still additional sport compact models like the Subaru and Mitsubishi. They are able to maintain high standards of quality control since they are housed in one facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where they design and manufacture their performance parts in their 12,000 square foot facility. This facility gives them the opportunity to test each and every set of injectors thoroughly on the company’s flow bench where more than forty data points are assembled and then analyzed affording you the ideal quality product.

The years 2009 through 2015 showed continual change and growth in the company with the launching of their muscle line of fuel injectors, the development of their 300-series in-tank fuel pump and the DW200 and DW65c fuel pumps, the Bosch EV14 injector and more. Their history is impressive and indicates their dedication to innovation and discovery in the field of fuel injectors for sport compacts and muscle machines and as a testament to their success they were able to expand the distribution of their products to include Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Asia. Since the introduction of its initial products in 2004 DEATSCHWERKS has been instrumental in the bringing to the forefront of the auto industry a multiplicity of unique applications and they are still continuing to be innovative in the design and manufacture of fuel injection systems and their introduced line of DW200 AND DW65c fuel pumps. Since your fuel injector is the final entryway for fuel into your engine before it combusts it can greatly contribute to increased horsepower and while stock injectors are usually 19 pounds per hour an upgrade is needed if you want to accomplish an increase in this area and LMPERFORMANCE can help you with the myriad of fuel injectors from DEATSCHWERKS ranging from injectors with 35 pounds to injectors with 65 pounds on their web site. DEATSCHWERKS reputation attests to the fact that they build a quality product that is safe and dependable and can be counted on to give you the added edge when it comes to performance, especially where it is needed on the track.

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