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About Airaid

Why should you choose an AIRAID air intake system from LMPerformance? Well besides being in the air intake business since 1997, their staff of mechanical and industrial design engineers is top of the line. AIRAID also has a 3-D scanner and rapid prototyping machine used to vigorously test their new products. All AIRAID products are tested on their all-wheel drive Mustang chassis dynamometer.

All AIRAID Premium Filters are produced in-house. AIRAID uses only the finest materials available and highly specialized manufacturing equipment. No other company can match their level of quality control. This allows AIRAID to back their filters with a “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty. LMPerformance is proud to offer AIRAID products manufactured in the USA. LMPerformance carries a full line of AIRAID COLD AIR KITS at just the right price and free shipping.

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Airaid Review(s):

Reviews for Airaid's products are show below.

AirAid 05-07 Corvette C6 Intake System (Red Oiled Premium Air Filter)
5 Stars SUPER FAST delivery, Date: 7/24/2012

By: sunnyd
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
Ordered this filter from lmperformance, delivery was super fast, easy to install gained 2 mpg at 80 mph. Will order again from lmperformance

Current Mods:
Airaid intake, corsa exhaust.

AirAid Camaro 2010-13 V8 SynthaMax Series Intake Systems
5 Stars AirAid Camaro 2010-12 V8 SynthaMax Series Intake Systems , Date: 5/31/2012

By: Halfmoon
Ownership: 0 - 1 day
Very good service, the delivery was very quick, 6 days only to France!

Current Mods:

AirAid 09-12 Suburban 5.3L 6.0L (09-10) Intake System
5 Stars great product, Date: 7/2/2011

By: peewee
Ownership: 0 - 1 day
i was not sure about spending that much on a intake kit but have always wanted one on my truck so one day i was like what the hell im going to buy one i drive over 40 miles a day to work and really need somthing to help with gas milage which i havent got to check yet but im sure it will help some what but it really opened up that v6 under the hood of my ''fullsize'' key word under powered and overweight it made the engine run smoother thru out the rpm range and takes less pedal to get up to speed but man if you punch it to pass someone you can hear that six screaming i have owned v8 fullsize trucks and they never had that scream when you pass next to the other car you can hear the air and engine echo off the other car or maybe its in my head but its working for me lets hope the gas milage picks up will let know

Current Mods:
stock other that airaid cad

AirAid 2010 Ford Mustang 4.0L Intake System V6
4 Stars 2010 V6, Date: 6/12/2010

By: mielestang
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week
Packs a punch and easy to install. Great product. If you are into power and like feeling your cars power ..this is the product. Intake is not extremely loud but you can feel the power!

Current Mods:
Black retro style billet grille. AirAid intake 4.0 2010 stang

AirAid Camaro 2010-11 V6 MXP Series Intake Systems
5 Stars Awesome, Date: 4/7/2010

By: Suntan Superman!
Ownership: 1 week - 1 month
Man-o-Man, This will give your Camaro superior power! Don''t wait- you will not be disapointed.

Current Mods:
Add the a cold air intake.

AirAid Camaro 2010-13 V8 MXP Series Intake Systems
5 Stars Airaid and JET, Date: 10/26/2009

By: Vazz
Ownership: 1 week - 1 month
Adding the Airaid CAI to my current mods really improved the low-end power, and throttle response. It's fit and finish are second to none. One of the main reasons I went with Airaid was the fact that it's design draws intake air from the factory Air Duct, thus reducing the draw of hot engine compartment air; unlike their competitors. Oh, did I mention the sound......AWESOME!!!

Current Mods:
Hotchkiss Anti-Sway Bars, Corsa Exhaust, Jet MAS, SLP Skip Shift Eliminator, Airaid CAI........defenderworx billet and chrome.......