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What makes 3D CARBON body kits great? Think of this. Ernie Bunnell and Billy Longfellow created aerodynamic wings and curb-scraping air dams that stole the market. 3D CARBON body kits cater to the young and young at heart who want to add their own personal style to their car.

3D CARBON was formed in 2004 by Bunnell and Longfellow after they broke away from Wings West. 3D CARBON wanted to launch into the sports compact market and supplied aerodynamic kits for modifying Hondas, Toyotas and Mitsubishis. 3D CARBON 's products can be relied on for strength and consistency even in the most intricate designs. . 3D CARBON then began developing the 2004 Mustang Boy Racer Kit and its accessories. The challenge to create new styles for the domestic muscle cars like the Ford Mustang resulted in 3D CARBON's winning several coveted Best of Show Ford Design Awards. 3DCarbon received the prestigious Ford "Best of Show" at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas for their 2005+ Mustang Body Kit. 3DCarbon is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality automotive products. 3D CARBON spoiler products continue to create new styling products to enhance your vehicle .

In 2011 3D CARBON partnered with AIRDESIGN to create yet more new body kits and accessories. 3D CARBON spoiler, air dams, wings, louvers, quarter panel vents and ground effect pieces are the top of the line. They are easy to install and fit like a glove. LMPerformance offers everything you need from 3D CARBON: replacement bumper covers, rear bumper covers, skirt pieces, window louvers and lots of other products designed with the car enthusiast in mind.

LMPerformance has Mustang Body Racer Wings made by 3D CARBON as well as Mustang Spoilers , 3dCarbon Body Kits and a host of other Mustang Parts. If you want your Mustang to look great, check out the 3D CARBON products LMPerformance has to offer.

And don't forget 3D CARBON also makes great body kits and other accessories for your Chevy Camaro, Dodge Ram and Charger, Lincoln MKZ and Volkswagen Jetta.

There is a reason 3D CARBON has won so many awards. LMPerformance is proud to offer these designer products.

Even the big car companies are courting the aftermarket designers like 3D CARBON because they believe that outstanding accessories help sell vehicles since they make them more appealing to the more discriminating younger buyers. 3D CARBON has been instrumental in transforming plain-vanilla compact cars into personalized performance cars for street use and racing with their superior aerodynamic designs that take into consideration both curb appeal and improved performance and they manufacture styling kits in various sizes depending on the model and year of your car and range in size from 4 to 7 pieces and all are manufactured in OEM quality high pressure injected molded polyurethane. The first thing you need to decide on when you are deciding on a body part for your car is the type of material you think will best suit your needs and remember polyurethane parts are not to be confused with plastic parts that are less flexible because polyurethane parts are designed to maintain their elasticity so that you get a stupendous fit. If you are after an easy to fit part and finish level that is attractive, then the polyurethane body parts and kits from 3D CARBON may be just the ticket for you since a polyurethane part is flexible and can be tweaked into place for that precise showroom look.

You will get aggressive styling and the installation will not be a problem with 3D CARBON parts since the parts are designed for your make and model car and are tailored for exactitude in installation and parts are available in specialized designs to accommodate your car, parts like the two piece air dams that work if your car cannot use a one piece skirt and the front lip piece from 3D CARBON that attaches on top of the lower section of your car’s front bumper cover so that you will not have problems going over uneven roadways. 3D CARBON did not neglect the iconic Mustang with their body parts specifically designed to give your car the classic Mustang look so if that is your aim you don‘t need to look any further than 3D CARBON and LMPERFORMANCE. Peruse the 3D CARBON body kits and parts on the LATE MODEL PERFORMANCE web site and find the perfect part for your car.

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