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Accel Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Ignition Wire
Accel Extreme 9000 Heat Reflective Ignition Wire
Catalog #: 001667
Sale Price: $104.95
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About Accel

History and information about Accel and their products.

Are you looking for power performance? You don't have to look any further than ACCEL performance and ignition systems. For over four decades ACCEL has been leading the market in performance fuel and ignition systems. Whether you are looking for racing performance or just top notch performance on the street ACCEL is the brand for you. ACCEL's electronics lab in Cleveland, Ohio constantly strives to achieve peak performance through the proper combination of fuel mixture, ignition timing and spark delivery.

LMPerformance carries ACCEL heat reflective ignition wires to help your vehicle give you the best possible performance. You can trust ACCEL to make a quality product and you can trust LMPerformance to give you the best price. Try ACCEL ignition wires today.

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