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DBA Brakes
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About DBA Brakes

History and information about DBA Brakes and their products.

Choose LMPerformance for the best price on DBA Rotors and the best customer service. DBA Rotors is a leading designer and marketer of after-market brake rotors. company LMPerformance carries the DBA 4000 XS Brake Rotor for the Ford Mustang. The DBA XS Rotors feature the 'Kangaroo Paw' patented hi-tech disc rotor ventilation system and have thermal stability profiling for improved fatigue resistance and minimal surface crazing. In addition DBA Rotors have thermographic temperature monitoring accomplished by placing heat-sensitive markings on the outer edge of the disc rotor and using these to monitor the core temperatures that are achieved during braking applications.

DBA Brakes Warranty, Support, and Contact Information

Important Contact, Policy and Warranty information (if available) will be listed below for DBA Brakes.

DBA Brakes Warranty and Support Page

DBA Brakes Phone Support: 1-866-477-7071

DBA Brakes' Website:

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