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About Fluidampr

History and information about Fluidampr and their products.

The installation of a Fluidampr can offer protection from vibrations and can also help increase horsepower. LMPerformance carries Fluidampr crank pulleys for your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC and Pontiac.

Want to control the vibrations caused by torque spikes? Try a engine damper. Not all cars use dampers and smaller gasoline cars (below 1.3 ltrs) don't need them. On the other hand , if you have a high performance diesel engine and are running chips and programmers your vehicle can be particularly affected by torsional vibrations. If you do need dampers, however, you won't go wrong with a damper manufactured by Horschel Motorsports and known in the industry as Fluidampr. Horschel Motorsports has been manufacturing dampers since 1946 and has the expertise needed to create a quality product like Fludampr.

Fluidampr Warranty, Support, and Contact Information

Important Contact, Policy and Warranty information (if available) will be listed below for Fluidampr.

Fluidampr Warranty and Support Page

Fluidampr Phone Support: 1-716-592-1000

Fluidampr's Website:

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