Fast Toys FT104AIRLID: 104 mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid for 1998-02 Firebird V8


Fast Toys FT104AIRLID - Fast Toys 104 mm LS1 High Flow Air Lid for 1998-02 Firebird V8.

Fast Toys High Flow Black 104 mm LS1 Air Lid

Powerful LS1 motors require higher airflow than the stock air lid and MAF can provide. Until now, you were stuck using a reduction coupler or fabricating an adapter to use with a 100 mm MAF sensor. This was costing you horsepower!

The Fast Toys High Flow 104 mm Air Lid is the highest flowing air lid on the market and the only one that works with the TSP or Lingenfelter 100mm MAF


The Fast Toys high flow lid features our exclusive Power Bulge design to increase the air lid volume substantially and provide a smooth air flow transition flow from the horizontal air filter to the 100 mm MAF sensor. This lid installs on the stock factory lower air filter base. A 100mm MAF is required (sold seperately). The Fast Toys 104 mm Air Lid is designed for highly modified LS1 motors.

Note: 2000-2002 cars will still be required to use a K&N breather filter for the smog pump (available at extra cost).

Why Use The Fast Toys 104 mm Air Lid & 100 mm MAF?

Highly modified motors require higher airflow than the stock sized MAF and air lid can provide. We designed our lid for those customers that want the ultimate in airflow and performance.

To work with the 100 mm MAF, the Fast Toys High Flow Air Lid features a giant 104 mm ID. This makes the ID of our lid about 6 mm larger than our own 98 mm air lid and 15-16 mm bigger than other aftermarket lids. Simply put, there is no other air lid on the market that can match ours!

On top of that, we have significantly increased the overall volume of the air lid compared to everyone else. Higher volumes support larger horsepower and torque improvements. The Fast Toys air lid has 14 % more volume than the most popular aftermarket lid and a whopping 27 % more volume than the stock lid (baffles removed)!

The Ultimate Air Lid For Speed Density Tuners

For those of you that have moved to a speed density tune (SD) and removed the MAF sensor, this is the perfect air lid for you! Connect the Fast Toys High Flow Air lid directly to your throttle body for the best flow possible! The OD of the Fast Toys 104 mm Air Lid is 108 mm.

No IAT Hole

The Fast Toys 104 mm Air Lid does not come with an IAT hole pre-drilled into the air lid. For those people that need to re-use the factory IAT sensor, instructions are provided on how to drill the IAT hole in the air lid.

The Ultimate Performance Package

For the ultimate intake performance, combine our high flowing 104 mm air lid with our Fast Toys Ram Air Kit (FTRA). The FTRA is designed to bring cool, high pressure air into the motor to maximize performance. Since the FTRA is reliant on a free flowing air lid, this combination yields substantial performance improvements. Customers have reported up to 1.8 MPH 1/4 mile increases with the installation of these two components. That's power you can really feel!

Optional Accessories

Breather Filter

2000-2002 LS1 Camaro/Firebirds require a K&N breather filter for the air pump hose. If you don't already have one, you will need to add this to your purchase. Easy clamp on installation.

TSP 100mm MAF Sensor

The TSP 100mm MAF sensor is designed to work perfectly with the Fast Toys 104mm Air Lid. It slides right into the air lid with no adapters or couplers required.

Note: Custom computer tuning is required to use the TSP 100mm MAF sensor.

High Flow Re-Usable Air Filter

Why pay 50 % more for the competitions performance air filter when Mac can provide a filter with superior performance for a fraction of the price?

Mac air filters are made of woven cotton fabric between two layers of wire mesh screen. The screen and fabric create a grid like effect which actually straightens and smooths the incoming air. This results in more power and better economy.

When taken care of properly and cleaned/reoiled as required, you may never need to purchase another air filter for the life of your vehicle.

Important Installation Notes

1998-2002 Camaro SS

Factory and afermarket SS hoods may experience rubbing on the hood. This can be addressed by putting some adhesive tape or the soft adhesive velcro in the contact spot to prevent paint scuffing. This same problem occurs with SLP and other aftermarket lids as well.

1998-2002 Camaro Z28

Most Camaro Z28's have experienced no problems. A few have experienced minor rubbing. In two isolated Z28 applications, the customer was unable to close the hood. This can be rectified by modification of the lower airbox assembly and/or hood. If you experience this problem and do not want to modify your vehicle or the airlid, you can return the lid to us for a refund. Please note that shipping costs are non refundable and the goods must be in new condition (no marks or damage).

1998-2002 Firebird, WS6 and Firehawk

No reported issues of any kind.

Aftermarket Hoods (other than Camaro SS)

No reported issues of any kind.

Part Images show optional accessories

Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.

Product Summary

Fast Toys FT104AIRLID: Airlid (Hi-Flow) for Pontiac Firebird, Formula, Trans Am 1998-2002
Fast Toys
Manufactured by: Fast Toys
Model: FT104AIRLID
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Price: $185.00
Condition: New

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