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Pro-M GM-753L, Pro-M GM 75mm 3 Pin Mass Air Meter 1994-02 Firebird V8

  • Pro-M GM 75mm 3 Pin Mass Air Meter 1994-02 Firebird V8

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Free ShippingPro-M mass air meters for GM applications appear to be exactly the same product that you see advertised elsewhere. All aftermarket manufactures (Pro-M included) start with the same production GM meter. The ends are removed from the production meters, then the center section (the part that contains the electronics) is machined to allow more air flow, and then new larger diameter ends are installed. The result is an assembly that flows more air, but in the process, the calibration of the meter is thrown way off. Other manufacturers simply ship them with the calibration off. Every Pro-M meter is calibrated to match the original meter's calibration. These meters can simply be installed in place of your original meter, with no modification to the computer, allowing instant results, with none of the hassles associated with aftermarket computer tuning. This is a feature you will only find in a Pro-M meter.


  • 94-00 Corvette
  • 94-02 Camaro
  • 94-02 Firebird
  • 2004 GTO
  • 96-98 Full-Size TruckIncludes Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Full-Size Van, Commercial Chassis
  • 99-00 Full-Size Truck - (with 3 Pin MAF)Includes Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Full-Size Van, Commercial Chassis

Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.
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