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Bilstein BE52406M1-BE52407H0 - Bilstein Front/Rear Shocks Firebird 1993-02 (Set of 4) V8 / V6

Bilstein Shock

  • Bilstein

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Bilstein BE52406M1-BE52407H0 - Bilstein Front/Rear Shocks Firebird 1993-02 Set of 4 V8 / V6.
  • Improve handling with precision Bilstein shocks.
  • Rising rate valve design maintains damping efficiency in all conditions.
  • Single tube design filled with oil and nitrogen gas in a pressured, sealed compartment.
  • A dividing piston exerts constant pressure on the oil, completely eliminating any foaming of the oil.
  • One set should outlast your car.
  • Installs easily in approximately 3-4 hours.

Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.

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About Bilstein

History and information about Bilstein and their products.

Shock absorbers. What do they do? The shock absorbers reduce and slow down the vibrations from the springs. LMPerformance chose BILSTEIN SHOCKS for its customers because BILSTEIN is a recognized name in the field of suspension design.

The mono-tube gas pressure technology was developed by BILSTEIN and remains the standard in automotive construction. This BILSTEIN technology involves the keeping of the oil in the absorber under pressure, preventing it from foaming when temperatures and loads are increasing. The BILSTEIN technology gives the vehicle a high level of traction and more precise handling.

The BILSTEIN company produces mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers and twin-tube shock absorbers. The BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure shock is first in motorsports and series-production sports car because It provides a large effective surface on the working piston. This results in increased damping power, better handling and improved improves the dissipation of thermal engergy outward senabling a high level of performance. The majority of vehicles, however use the twin-tube shock absorber.

Find the BILSTEIN shock for your car at today and get a great product at a low price and free shipping.

Bilstein Warranty, Support, and Contact Information

Important Contact, Policy and Warranty information (if available) will be listed below for Bilstein.

Bilstein Warranty and Support Page

Bilstein Phone Support: 1-800-537-1085

Bilstein's Website:

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