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UMI Performance 2012, UMI 1982-02 Firebird Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - Bolt-In V6

  • UMI 1982-02 Firebird Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - Bolt-In V6

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UMI Performance's new bolt-in control arm relocation brackets are a 100% bolt in set-up that require no welding, drilling or cutting. They are a simple bolt on that can be completed a 30 minutes or less. Please read below for more information.

Lower control arm relocation brackets reposition your instant center by changing your lower control arm angle for improved traction. Relocation brackets lower the rear of the control arm up to 3, a must for all lowered vehicles to correct lost suspension geometry. By lowering your vehicle, you are changing the lower control arm angle allowing the rear mounting point to sit higher than the front. This will, in return, cause wheel hop and a great deal of traction loss. Lower control arm relocation brackets allow you to correct this angle and gain back much needed traction. On a stock height vehicle relocation brackets will also work excellent to eliminate tire spin and wheel hop by changing the vehicles instant center point. Note: Bolt-on relocation brackets will not work with aftermarket rear ends.

Lowered Vehicles: We do not recommend lowering a 3rd or 4th generation F-Body without lower control arm relocation brackets due to the compromise in the geometry on the instant center. Brackets will significantly improve instant center position, eliminate wheel hop and increase traction. Brackets installed will also help 60-foot times of .10 or better, lower ETs and increase track consistency--a must for all lowered vehicles!

Non-Lowered Vehicles: Product installed on a stock height vehicle will also see a great increase in traction by lowering the rearward angle of the lower control arm, allowing more force to be placed on the rear tires. Relocation brackets have two settings to allow the lower control arm to be lowered either 2 or 3, depending on your preference. Settings are placed in a correct pattern that will allow use of all OEM control arms or any aftermarket control arm (brackets do not require a longer control arm.) Brackets installed on a non-lowered F-Body provide a .10 or better 60-foot; reduction and an increase in track consistency.

Installation:Brackets are 100% bolt on and require no welding or drilling. All hardware and detailed installation instructions are included with each kit.

Fits Camaro and Firebird Models.
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UMI 1982-02 Camaro Tubular Non-Adjustable Lower Control Arms V8
5 Stars 1998 Camaro, Date: 4/18/2015

By: Scott
Ownership: more than 1 year

Awesome product. First major suspension mod I made and what a difference they made! Easy installation. Well made product!

Current Mods:
too many to list

UMI 1993-02 3-Point Subframe Connector, Convertible, Bolt In - Camaro V8 / V6
5 Stars UMI 3-point sub-frame connectors (convertible), Date: 4/25/2012

By: Anonymous
Ownership: 1 day - 1 week

Talk about stiffening up the car. Day/night difference in ride and handling. The strut tower bar and tunnel brace helped, but the 3-point sub-frame connectors really stopped all the "wiggling" associated with my Camaro convertible. Instead of the car flexing over ripples in the road, the suspension is soaking up the bumps. Car ride firm, but not punishing. Highly recommended.

Current Mods:
UMI 3-point sub-frame connector, Spohn tunnel brace, spohn strut tower bar

UMI Rear Lift Bars 1979 - 1998 Ford Mustang
5 Stars I bought these UMI Rear Lift Bars, Date: 5/28/2011

By: Heath M. AR.
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year

I really like these lift bars . wasn't hard at all to put in by myseft didn't take very long either 1 hour or so. If you are looking for some good lift bars at a good price , these are what you are looking for . They work really GOOD !!

Current Mods:
well.. trick flow street heat intake ,C&L 76 mm Mass Air , bbk cold air ,bbk 70mm TB and egr , 24lbs injet ,trick flow TW 205 cnc ported heads ,E 303 cam , SCT chip , bbk 1 5/8 full length Silver Ceramic Coated ,flow m 40's , Steeda Tri-Ax shifter ,Upgraded Super-Duty T-5 Transmission ,3.73 gears ,Pro-Street Series Chrome-Moly Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms , UMI Rear Lift Bars ,Eibach Pro-Kit Springs,BBK 255LPH Fuel Pump. thats enough for now.

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