Stainless Works 04GTOTM05RB: 2004 - 2004 Pontiac GTO LS1 Catback Exhaust 3


Stainless Works 04GTOTM05RB - Stainless Works 2004 - 2004 Pontiac GTO LS1 Catback Exhaust 3. 2004 GTO WITH 2005 REAR BUMPER, 3 TURBO MUFFLER EXHAUST SYSTEM. Bolts to factory flanges behind the catalytic converter with dual straight through turbo mufflers and 3 X-pipe. Exits in factory 2005 bumper opening with dual rolled edge slash cut tips. All hangers and clamps included.

About Stainless Works Muffler Types: The S-Tube Muffler is a louder Muffler and More aggressive Muffler with a straight thru design. The Turbo Chambered Muffler Has and interior chambered design which gives a moderate volume and moderate aggressiveness.

Product Summary

Stainless Works 04GTOTM05RB: Exhaust System for Pontiac GTO 2004-2004
Stainless Works
Manufactured by: Stainless Works
Model: 04GTOTM05RB
Product ID: 70150
Price: $1,035.00
Condition: New

About Stainless Works

History and information about Stainless Works and their products.

LMPerformance offers the Stainless Works product line of exhaust systems, headers, off road pipes and more. Our research shows Stainless Works stainless steel products are made from only the finest Everlast 304 stainless steel, which is a premium mil spec grade of stainless steel that is slightly more expensive than standard stainless steel materials. Stainless Works products will never red-rust like the cheaper 400 series stainless steel used by others.

Stainless Works is an industry-leader in stainless steel performance headers and exhaust systems. In addition to designing our wide range of after-market headers and exhausts, they manufacture them on-site, right here in the United States by skilled American craftsmen. LMPerformance is impressed that their systems have proven performance increases through pre and post-dyno testing of vehicles and are made in our country.

LMPerformance has found them to build systems that fit and perform better than factory systems. A concours type system will be pressure bent like the original, which impedes flow, and will be routed a little differently than our systems. Their systems are designed to fit and perform perfectly. In many cases they have improved on the fit of the factory exhaust system. Being CNC mandrel bent (as opposed to cheaper less accurate processes) ensures that it will fit well every time.

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