Mishimoto MMRAD-TUN-00: 00-03 Toyota Tundra Manual Transmission Aluminum Radiator

  • Toyota Tundra Mishimoto Radiator
  • Toyota Tundra Mishimoto Radiator
  • Mishimoto MMRAD-TUN-00:  00-03 Toyota Tundra Manual Transmission Aluminum Radiator

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    • MPN: MMRAD-TUN-00
    • Model Trim: Tundra
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Product Description

Mishimoto MMRAD-TUN-00 - Mishimoto 00-03 Toyota Tundra Manual Transmission Aluminum Radiator.

Product Summary

Mishimoto MMRAD-TUN-00: Mishimoto 00-03 Toyota Tundra Manual Transmission Aluminum Radiator
Manufactured by: Mishimoto
Model: MMRAD-TUN-00
Product ID: 69730
Price: $450.00
Condition: New

About Mishimoto

History and information about Mishimoto and their products.

Mishimoto radiators, oil catch cans, radiator fans, silicone hoses come with a limited lifetime warranty policy because Mishimoto trusts the quality of their parts. Mishimoto offers the finest cooling system upgrades. Their radiators are application specific and can directly fit on Acura, BMW. Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda and many other models. Since some Mishimoto radiators are only available for manual transmissions, Mishimoto developed the Universal Transmission and Power Steering Cooler so that cars with automatic transmissions can use the all-aluminum radiator. Mishimoto also offers an cooling fan upgrade for better cooling and installation flush against a radiator.

Browse the LMPerformance Mishimoto parts, including aluminum radiators, Camaro radiator fans, Camaro silicone hoses and Camaro oil catch cans, for a great cooling product at an affordable price.

MISHIMOTO began on its road to success in 2003 and they have been working toward the same thing ever since – designing and manufacturing a primo cooling system for your car whether you drive on the city street or the professional track. You car’s radiator has a very responsible job to do and that is to keep your car’s expensive engine from overheating and being seriously damaged so if you are seeing any of these signs it is probably time to start thinking about a MISHIMOTO radiator – leaking fluid onto the floor where you are parked, your engine is overheating, or you are having to fill your coolant tank repeatedly. But why should you choose a MISHIMOTO radiator you ask yourself; maybe we can help you answer that question. First, quality, MISHIMOTO spared no expense when it came to the tools their research and development engineers needed, providing them with the very best 3D modeling tools and ROMER ARM among other things so that the design for your radiator would be perfect, and the 3D printer makes sure everything fits perfectly before the manufacturing process even starts. Testing is paramount in the formulation and production of each radiator and a complete plastic prototype is used for testing purposes to assure an accurate fit and then even more testing with the dynamometer, and all of this is done at the facility in New Castle, Delaware, nothing is farmed out. Second, each and every product that MISHIMOTO manufactures is covered by the MISHIMOTO lifetime warranty because MISHIMOTO knows that they have created a product of exceptional quality and feel confident in the fact that it will outlast other inferior products. And for you racing and performance enthusiasts who want to be sure your car will not overheat at a critical moment on the track you can upgrade cars like your 2010-2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the MISHIMOTO PERFORMANCE ALUMBINUM RADIATOR, available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site, with an ability to increase cooling by as much as thirty percent. And for your 1994-1995 Ford Mustang owners with automatic transmission, MISHIMOTO and LMPERFORMANCE didn’t forget you but offer you the MISHIMOTO direct fit aluminum radiator with is increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation it is the perfect replacement radiator or upgrade if you are using it on the strip because it offers proficient regulation of temperature in modified Mustangs as well as stock Mustangs and it has an internal transmission cooler that will fit your factory cooler lines for an easy installation.

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