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AEM 21-564B - AEM Cold Air Intake System TOYOTA CELICA GT 00-03 - Blue

AEM Cold-Air Kit

  • AEM 21-564B - AEM Cold Air Intake System TOYOTA CELICA GT 00-03 - Blue

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AEM 21-564B - AEM Cold Air Intake System TOYOTA CELICA GT 00-03 - Blue. cold air intake system relocates the filter outside of the engine compartment to deliver cool air inlet temperatures. Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more horsepower and torque. But thats only part of the power equation. Tuning the inlet pipe in length and diameter to match the engine's resonance helps move more air to the cylinders (think of your engine as a big air pump), and this tuning allows us to deliver large power gains. We also monitor fuel trim correction factors and all OBDII sensors during R&D to eliminate leaning the engine out and/or throwing a check engine light.

Every AEM cold air induction system features high standards of construction and we are so confident in their fit and performance that we guarantee them for the life of your vehicle. All AEM cold air systems include a lifetime DRYFLOW synthetic air filter and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

TOYOTA CELICA GT 00-03 AEM Cold Air Intake System

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About AEM

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AEM cold air intake kits can give your engine more power and as a bonus give you better gas mileage. After just an hour and a few basic hand tools you will have installed an AEM cold air intake kit and have done just that. AEM offers their BRUTE FORCE cold air intake kit for engines with larger displacements. These filters draw air from the best location and provide protection from the engine heat. LMPerformance carries the BRUTE FORCE for your Camaro and GTO and GMC SONOMA TRUCK. As an added bonus AEM's air systems include a lifetime DRYFLOW SYNTHETIC air filter that is reusable and does not need filter oil. Best of all AEM cold air intake systems are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Shop the extensive inventory of AEM cold air intake kits for better performance and better gas mileage at a great price at

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