Steinjager J0013994: Toyota Prius Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links in Powder Painted Black with Chrome Moly Rod Ends 2010-2011

  • Toyota Prius Steinjager Sway Bar End Link
  • Toyota Prius Steinjager Sway Bar End Link
  • Steinjager J0013994:  Toyota Prius Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links in Powder Painted Black with Chrome Moly Rod Ends 2010-2011

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Product Description

Steinjager J0013994 - Steinjager Toyota Prius Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links in Powder Painted Black with Chrome Moly Rod Ends 2010-2011. Toyota Prius 2010-2011, Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links, Powder Painted Black, 363 mm long, with a 9mm adjustment, M12 x 1.75 threads. Heavy Duty, Steel Tube with Chrome Moly, Slotted Nylon Bearing Race. Two complete End Links per kit. Includes four Spherical Rod End Bearings, two hex tubes and all attaching hardware. Length is from center of ball id to center of ball id.

Product Summary

Steinjager J0013994: Steinjager Toyota Prius Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links in Powder Painted Black with Chrome Moly Rod Ends 2010-2011
Manufactured by: Steinjager
Model: J0013994
Product ID: 660119
Price: $125.94
Condition: New

About Steinjager

History and information about Steinjager and their products.

Steinjager is a new company, founded by Midwest Control Products, offering everything that is bar, tubing, or rod end based in a suspension system. Steinjäger's products include thousands of metric and imperial (inch) spherical rod end bearings, spherical plain bearings, jam nuts, ball joints, clevises, threaded rods, threaded tubes, push/pull cables, and other unique products. Steinjager also offers over 400 vehicle-specific products for Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Mercury, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen and Polaris. Including sucha items as Jeep TJ - End Links, Tubular Doors, Long Travel Kits, Front Bumper Attachments, Foot Rests. Camaro - F Body - Control Arms, Panhard Bars, Torque Arms and Corvette C5- Sway Bars and End Links.

It is not easy being the relatively new kid on the block but that has not been a problem for STEINJAGER because they can rely on the expertise of their founding company who has been in business since 1967 in several locations and was a tube fabricator who expanded the product line to include things like ball joints, spherical rod ends and other products and now they have expanded further with STEINJAGER and motorsports. So you see they are really not a new kid on the block when it comes right down to it because they have access to a company that has been in the fabrication business for quite a number of years. Midwest put together the perfect blending of impressive motorsport designers and experienced and talented fabricating experts from MIDWEST to develop products for the performance enthusiasts like you. They have been able to stay ahead of the marketplace because of their long history of experience in manufacturing just the kinds of parts needed for motorsports; things like, tubular and bar fabrications, push pull cables, and spherical rod end bearings. STEINJAGER’s commitment to quality of product and customer satisfaction is evident when you look back at the history of success its parent company had in these areas so you can feel confident in your selection when you choose a STEINJAGER product. The motorsports arena was the perfect match for Midwest and they have proven that with the potpourri of parts they have been able to bring to the marketplace. Products like the STEINJAGER Front Sway Bar End Links Double Adjustable with Chrome Moly Rod Ends for your BMW M3 or for your 1978-1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass the STEINAGER rear lower control arms with offset bushings and double adjustable. For you Toyota Prius owners whose car has begun to have a “floaty” feeling as if you have no sway bar you might just need new sway bar end links and STEINAGER designed and manufactured front adjustable sway bar end links with a heavy duty steel tube and chrome moly, slotted nylon bearing race just for you. The team at LMPERFORMANCE knows how important your suspension system is and especially if you are racing or rally driving and they want to be able to provide you with the best products so that you can choose the part that suits you with confidence in the company who manufactures that part and STEINJAGER does just that.

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